The use of free html5 responsive templates is currently on the rise. This can be attributed to the numerous benefits attached to these templates. Let study some of the pros of using free html5 responsive templates.

Why Go For Free Html5 Responsive Templates

The world of technology is changing day after the other. Unlike a decade ago when you only needed to focus on building a website for desktop versions, you now need to think about more than one device. This posses a major challenge to designers who need to come up with responsive websites that are compatible with different screen sizes.

Free Html5 Responsive Templates

One of the renowned ways of achieving the most responsive websites is the use of free html5 responsive templates. The use free html5 responsive templates comes with numerous reasons. It is for this reason that you need to know why these templates are the best option. Here are the reasons why you need to go for the free responsive templates.

1. Designs

The mobile devices are expected to dominate the web in a few years to come. These devices come in different sizes and styles. This being the case, your website needs to able to be responsive. These free html5 responsive templates assure you of great user experience. The designs are adorable and your clients will be thrilled by the designs.

2. Themes Adopt Industry-Leading Options Panel

Some themes can be frustrating. They have changing codes, different themes and confusing configurations. These can all be avoided by using the free html5 responsive templates. These templates are easy to use yet have powerful option panels. More to this, you can customize the website to fit your tastes and preferences.

3. Narrated Video Tutorials Are Readily Available

The ever-growing number of narrated video tutorials makes it easy to work with the templates. These videos will tell you how to make the best website out of free html5 responsive templates. They also help you in the customization of html5 designed websites. This serves as a great boost especially to beginners.

4. All Themes Come With Short Codes

These short codes work perfectly for individuals who intend to display big call to action buttons on their websites. The enhanced short codes that come with these free html5 responsive templates help you customize the content in your website.

5. Unlimited Color Options For Your Theme

Changing the website color has never been as easy as the html5 templates make it. With the many options available to you, you will be able to tweak your website to fit your brand’s color without compromising your color choice. You only need to make a few clicks and you will have the color of your choice. You can have a unique color combination within a few minutes.

6. You Get Exactly What You See

Readymade free html5 responsive templates give you an idea of what you will be getting. Whether it is the design, style or formatting, you will always be in the know of what to expect. You do not need to worry about getting the wrong design from the webmaster as these templates are ready. All you need to do is feed the content and the website will be up and running.

7. Speed

As the saying goes, time is money. You need a website that will be running within a fraction of time. If you decide to build your website from scratch, you will take some time as there will be a lot that needs to be done. The coding takes a lot of time. Adopting the customized free html5 responsive templates saves you a lot of time. These templates eliminate the complexity associated with custom designed websites.

8. Cost

Getting attractive professionally designed websites requires you to part with a good amount of cash. Some custom-made websites will see you parting with up to $5000. This is quite a lot of money and not many people can afford it. On the other hand, free html5 responsive templates are absolutely free. All you need to pay for is the web hosting fee which is approximately $35. It can even be cheaper than this.

9. Choice

The internet is characterized with lots of competition. You therefore need to have an attractive site to win visitors to your website. Luckily, there is an abundance of designs offered by free html5 responsive templates. Custom-designed websites limit your option to two or three designs. This can disadvantage you making you lose to your competition. On the other hand free html5 responsive templates give you the freedom of choosing which designs work best for your website; for desktop versions and mobile versions.

10. Functionality

The professionally designed free html5 responsive templates come pre-loaded with standard pages such as about, home, contact and services. Some website templates will even give you add-on features that enable you to showcase photo gallery, portfolio or communication features such as blogs, bulletin boards and newsletters. If the need arises, you can even get complex free html5 responsive templates that offer dynamic features such as credit card processing, online ordering and live chats.