This article is for those people who like to watch free movies online. Because we live in the 21st century, or because we may have limited storage on our hard drives,It is not all the time we want to download movies for offline viewing, sometimes we want to do our thing online and although there are a lot of sites which claim to offer this service, it can be a hassle navigating to the part where you actually get to enjoy your movie.

We are going to be looking at in this review. We are looking at features, how it is set apart from other streaming sites, and most importantly, how you can use it to watch movies online free. So let us jump right into this thing.



This is the simple part. is a movie and TV series streaming site. The site offers viewers the opportunity to get movies from different sources in one site and that makes it a wonderful one-stop-site for new and old movies and TV shows.


The design on this site is quite friendly and a newbie to the world of online movies can easily get access to watchfree movies online without downloading.  The home page opens quickly so soon after you type in the address in your browser, you can view the page in its wonderful layout.

What greets you is a slider which displays random movies and TV shows which help in introducing viewers to movies they may not have known or heard of prior to visiting the site.

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What comes next is the featured category. In this area, new movies are displayed in a grid layout and it is quite catchy. This helps visitors know what is new without having to scroll for too long. IN the movie posters, you can see the video quality before you click so you know whether you are looking at a movie in HD, CAM, or SD Video quality. This shows an attention to detail and all the information is inyour face before you even click on any movie.

There is of course a search bar at the top right side of the homepage at where you can easily find what you are looking for and this is another reason why this site is ideal for those who want to watch free movies online without downloading.


Due to the responsive design of, the menu may not display like a full menu if you are using a mobile device. However, it is easily accessed on the top left corner of the home page. On clicking this, a menu is displayed where all available moviegenres are listed as a way of easily finding what it is you are looking for or browsing by category. There are the conventional genres such as comedy, romance, and Sci-Fi, but there are other not-so-known genres like Kungfu, Sport, and Mythological.

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Other available categories by which you can browse movies include movies by country, Top IMDB, or A-Z list. With all these features, remains one of the best places one can see free movies online without downloading.

In the menu area, there is a section for news; this area is laid out like a blog and there are articles relating to movies and TV shows. This keeps the visitors of the site informed and up to date on their favourite movies and shows. The articles re also well written so they guarantee a good read


This is the easy part. On,all you have to do is to click the movie poster and a new page opens. At the top of the page is a frame from which the movie will be played from. There is a play button which starts the stream. The interesting thing here is that you can add the movie to your ‘favourite’ collection and if for instance the movie is currently in CAM quality, you can create an account and because it has been added to your favourites, you get notified once a better quality of that movie is available.

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On the movie page, you are also shown details about the movie you are streaming and these details include, movie length, genre, director, country of origin, and so on. You are also allowed to share the page on social media or as email so you can also invite your contacts and followers to see the movie.


Before we go, there are some other things users should know and even though the site has an FAQ section, we are going to be answering a few questions you may have about

Q. Is it legal to watch movies on
A. Yes it is, the movies on the site are not stored on the site’s servers. only links to the movies.

Q. Are there Ads on the site?
A. Yes there are. But since you have free access, the adverts are the only way they generate income to make the site work so it is a minor inconvenience which they even apologize for on the site.

Q. Are there subtitles on
A. Yes there are. To turn on the option, click on the CC button on the frame while playing your movie and choose from the languages available.

Q. What if the movie I am interested in isn’t available?
A. You can request for a movie in the menu. Just tap the menu button and scroll down till you see request, click and type in the name of the movie you are requesting for. To access this area however, you are required to open a free account.

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So here you see that you have a one-stop solution to your “free movies online without downloading” makes it so easy to stream and get relevant information on your favourite movies and TV shows. So with no further Ado, get on to and enjoy