The world of technology is changing every single day. This means that you need to keep track with the changing trends as this will be the only way of reaping benefits from the transformation. One of the notable changes is the website templates. The advent of responsive templates has completely changes how websites operate. Here are some of the benefits of using the free responsive templates.

Free Responsive Templates

1. Making Websites User And Search Engine Friendly

Using free responsive templates avoids repetition of content. This therefore means that the search engines will spend less time on the website. Duplication of content makes search engines spend a lot of time on the websites every time changes are made. This can be avoided with the responsive templates. With the responsive website templates, mobile users can access the entire website and get the information they are searching for with ease.

2. Free Responsive Templates Make Websites Google Friendly

Google dominates the field of search engines. According to this key player, responsive website templates are the way to go. Until that time when it will no longer be dominant, Google will always determine how websites behave. Google’s algorithm puts a lot of emphasis on users’ experience. It therefore rewards sites that show high placement in SERPs especially if the improve the user’s experience.

The improved user experience includes time spent on the site, the site’s bounce rate and social sharing. The free responsive templates help to take care of these factors thus increasing the site’s ranking and satisfy mobile browsers.

3. Better Usability

Google directs visitors to the sites that they want to see. If the visitor is frustrated by the information contained in a site, they come back to the search engine results. Google take note of this and your site will not count among the best choice.

The mobile version of the website ought to look the same as the desktop version. If the mobile version looks different and bears less content, visitors who have seen the desktop version are bound to be disappointed. It would make it even worse if you do not have a mobile version of the website as visitors would go back to Google to search for other sites. This raises the site’s bounce rate lowering your ranking. With the free responsive templates you can be sure that your visitors can access all the content regardless of the gadget they are using. The content will be readable and readily available.