A lot of people love music. It has been so for as long as we could remember. Stories all through history let us know that music has always been a part of every culture. Music is the one thing in this world, besides food, which appeals to all kinds of people. When talking about music, people enjoy and would prefer to have the kinds of songs they like, easily accessible. That is where music download and streaming comes in.

4shared music downloader free


The 4shared music free downloader is an easy-to-use application which can be downloaded from the Google play store for absolutely free (who doesn’t like free stuff?). There are lots of mp3 music downloader apps out there and they have some nice claims but not all of them can brag of a database like the over 10 Million songs which we have on the 4shared cloud. It is not only an mp3 music downloader free on the android market, but it can also handle videos and online radio. That makes it a triple threat in the world of music apps.

The design and interface of this app is pretty simple yet responsive and that is why it has had over 1 million downloads from the Google play store. Its responsive design makes it compatible with android devices such as Motorola, HTC, Sony, pretty much any android phone using version 2.1 and higher.

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Essentially, the science behind this app is simple. What it does is that gives you cloud access to any of the music files stored up in the service. So when a person opens an account, they upload their favorite music to it and can decide to make it public or private. If it is private, then you can only download it if you have the link to it and it will not show up in searches. If it is public however, then every other user in the community can search for it, stream and even download it.


The features of the 4shared music app are pretty much endless – extensive is a much better word to use. Let us examine a few of them.

1. UNLIMITED MUSIC FILES – With a cloud database of over 10 million songs (which the biggest iPod cannot even hold), it can be said to have a practically unlimited number of files.

2. TOTALLY FREE – There is nothing like a lite and a paid version. Everything about this app is completely free.

3. SIMPLE SIGN UP PROCESS – This doesn’t seem like much until you have tried signing up on some other apps. 4shared music free downloaderhas so simplified the sign up process that it can be completed in seconds, not minutes – seconds.

4. FIND MUSIC – Finding your favourite songs has not been easier. With a simple search bar, you can type in keywords as criteria and you can search for artist, song name, genre, lyrics, and many others

5. ADD MUSIC FROM DEVICE – yet another awesome feature! The 4shared music downloader free can also be a music player and an uploader. With your 4shared account, you can also upload music to be shared with other users.

6. USE SWIPING GESTURES – This is another wonderful way of using the mp3 music downloader app. With swipe gestures helping you navigate, this app makes usage real smooth.

7. MAKE PLAYLISTS – That’s right. The app lets you create a playlist right inside it.That means that you can not only move your local music to the app, but you can also create a playlist with your songs.

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To create an account if you do not have one, all you have to do is locate the 4shared mp3 music downloader app on your phone and open it.

1. Then tap on the ‘create new account’ link which is under the ‘log in’ button.

2. Fill in the required information such as name, email and so on

3. When done with the form, tap ‘sign up’ and in a few seconds, you are good to go


This part is easy. Once the sign up is complete. Launch the app and this time you tap the ‘log in’ button

1. Then enter your username and password on the screen which displays next

2. Tap ‘log in’ and you will be directed to a playlist view of your account


1. The first step is to tap and hold the playlist you want to manage

2. A menu appears where you can decide to play, download, rename, delete, or edit the playlist.

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As it is with the playlists, tap on the one which has the music you want to play and all the songs in it will be displayed. Tap on the song you want and it will be highlighted. During play, you can control the music by using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. Here you can skip forward, back, pause and so on.


1. In the 4shared app, tap the file icon on the right side of the screen. This displays the Upload to 4shared Music screen where you get to tap on the button on the header to display music files in your device.

2. The music in your phone will be placed in a default playlist. When you have selected the songs you want to upload, rename the playlist and upload.


4shared music free downloader, adding to all which has been said, could as well be the most secure mp3 music downloader app on the play store. It should be noted that this app is only available for android users so if you are on another mobile platform, you may have to look for another app to fulfil your music needs – or, you could just move over to the android community.

The 4shared app is truly awesome and deserving of all the good reviews it has gotten. Like we said, when it comes to music, it is a matter of taste. So with the 4shared app making sure that everybody’s taste is covered, it has toremain on top of the food chain where music downloader apps are concerned.