The use of free html5 responsive templates has numerous benefits. However, there is a fair share of limitations that come with using these templates. Here are some of the limitations.

Free Html5 Responsive Templates

1. Lack Of Uniqueness

The free html5 responsive templates are downloaded and used by different users on the web. This means that these templates have been used over and over. The customization you do to fit your website needs doesn’t bring much of a difference and you may realize that there are numerous similar websites. If you are looking for exclusive designs, you may need to buy the website template or simply go for the custom-designed templates.

2. Limitations On Customization

There is a point that you cannot go beyond when it comes to tweaking free html5 responsive templates. This means that you will end up being non specific. For instance, if you intend to post a lot of content but choose a template that has limited space, you will need to look of alternatives such as stretching the template. This may not give the best result. Sometimes the templates may simply fail to serve the purpose yet you have already paid for the hosting services.

3. You Need Specific Software To Customize It

Some specific free html5 responsive templates are easy to customize or update. Web authoring software such as Microsoft FrontPage can be used. Some templates are very complex and such software may not help. Such templates require photo editing knowledge. You may also need to know how to do some coding and use website building tools.

4. Image Optimization Requires Professionalism

To use these free html5 responsive templates perfectly, you need to be familiar with image optimizing. Your pages may have a problem loading if the photos are not optimized correctly. This slows the page and the users may leave you site. To some extent, you may need to seek the services of a professional web developer.

5. You Need To Do A Lot To Optimize Your Content

The free html5 responsive templates are not optimized to attract visitors to your site. This means that you need to work on the web content to achieve the SEO standards. Website templates full of flash animation effects and graphics are very attractive to the visitors. However, such websites take long to load and this pushes search engine bots from your website. This means that you may have a good looking website but rank poorly on search engines such as Google.