atari breakout game

The Atari breakout game was originally developed with eight rows of three different colours and could be played in multiplayer mode. In earlier versions only a single ball and bat for sliding was provided to play Atari breakout.

For the past years, the Atari breakout game has seen a lot of changes to its concept and game play but the overall idea has remained the same. Players score point for breaking through blocks in an unlimited time.

The new versions of Atari breakout game with many difficult levels and many more blocks to break through make it fun to play compared to the former single tier level.

To play Atari breakout, the player must ensure precision is attained since it is easy for the ball to fall out of the play area. Controlling the ball when playing on mobile device is fairly seamless since the bat can be moved by sliding it on the screen in any direction.

To play Atari breakout, it is better to determine how the ball will fall and then move the bat in that direction. Whatever you do, ensure the ball does not leave the play area.

The recent designs of the Atari breakout game are pure eye candy, with some versions even having the blocks made of neon light. The background may require some more effort to be put into later versions though.

The game does not get very addictive, it may get boring after a few plays. If you choose to play Atari breakout choose versions with better designs since it does not have high gaming qualities.