Atari Breakout : Play Atari Breakout Game Via Google Images : Atari Breakout, just one of the many addictive games the game company, Atari, has ever produced. Your parents, or even you yourself, have probably played this at one point in your or their lives. There’s just something about games like Atari Breakout that just turns everyone into game junkies. It’s probably the simple way you play the game, or how you get so competitive to beat top scores; but regardless, we just can’t help but be drawn to games like Atari Breakout!

Atari Breakout
Atari Breakout

And now, it’s so easy to play Atari Breakout, because everyone’s favourite search engine, Google, has it for you! No need to search for it since you can easily access it via Google Images. Just one of the few Google tricks out there, all it takes is, literally, just a couple of steps: one, type in ‘Atari Breakout’ in your Google search bar; then, click ‘Images’ and wait to marvel on the transformation of your result page; and watch how your Image results turn into rainbow coloured tiles. Get this! Atari Breakout is just one of the many Google tricks you can have fun with in Google!

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No need to go to those vintage arcade booths, drop a quarter, and move joysticks to play everyone’s nostalgia-inducing game: ‘Atari Breakout’. Technology has made it easier, through Google, to make games like ‘Atari Breakout ‘, within arms-reach for everyone. But before you start to play Atari Breakout, here are a couple of fun facts:

Atari Breakout is inspired by another game

Released in 1972, Atari Breakout was conceptualized by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Bristow when they were inspired by another arcade game: Pong! But instead of just two paddles battling it out to see which one fails to protect their individual bases, Atari Breakout has blocks for you to break and win against.

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Atari Breakout is Steve Jobs’ first baby

Yes, before Steve Jobs founded Apple he, together with Steve Wozniak, built the software for Atari Breakout first. And would you believe he finished the prototype just within four days! And for completing Atari Breakout’s in just four days he was given a monetary incentive of $750 which was probably really big at that time!

Super Breakout and Breakout 2000

These two transmutations of Atari Breakout also were successes, but not as much as the classic Atari Breakout. Both Super Breakout and Breakout 2000 had different modes of gameplay which spiced up the rather two dimensional game play Atari Breakout has, but classics are classics for a reason.

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Atari Breakout has influenced important developments and stories

Atari Breakout is cited by Steve Wozniak as his inspiration for the Apple II computer; it also was a main subject in David Sudnow’s autobiography Pilgrim In The Microworld; and John Braden recorded the story of Super Breakout for Kid Stuff Records.

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Atari Breakout has always been a constant in every game console, or at least, variations of it like ‘Block Breaker’; so how cool is it that you actually can play it anytime you want? Maybe play ‘Atari Breakout’ while taking a break from studying; just make sure that you don’t end up playing it the whole night! You can also have ‘Atari Breakout’ moments with your kids, or kids can have ‘Atari Breakout’ moments with their parents. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never be bored again with this Google trick!