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Things To Post On Instagram

9 Superb Things To Post On Instagram To Have A Fun Time

Instagram is a powerful social network for marketing that businesses are aware they need to be on.  It is not just for individual social...
no crop for instagram

How to use no crop for instagram and upload photos without cropping them

Many times you do photography at school or at a given organization and you would wish not to edit their dimensions. Also, you would...
instagram photo size

How to make instagram photo size fit with Squaready

Upload photos on Instagram without cropping them You might be wondering if it is ever possible for you to make use of a no crop...
How To Delete Instagram Account

How To Delete Instagram Account?

Do you have an Instagram account and you are completely tired of the stress of making use of your account probably because of what...
magazine wordpress theme

15 Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes

There are great free wordpress themes that you can make use of as your wordpress magazine themes that will make your magazine be as...