With the many concerns for hackers and the need to have a strong password, it is imminent to always have people forget their passwords or have a need to store their passwords somewhere else apart from the brain and these if not managed well will cause people to have their passwords in the wrong hands.

A password manager therefore, is a software application or hardware that helps store and organize passwords. It usually stores these passwords in encrypted form and it requires the user to create a single strong master password which grants access to their entire password database.

Password Manager
Best Password Manager 2017

A password manager can either be offline or online; and in addition to its traditional feature of storing passwords, it can also feature as a form filling and password generation.

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However, like many applications, the password manager applications are quite numerous and while some are exceptions; some are not as good. So, below are lists of the best password manager applications you should consider for the job.

Best Password Manager 2017


Password Manager
Best Password Manager 2017

Last pass is one of the best password manager applications which has both the Free and premium option. With Last Pass password manager, you can store unlimited number of account credentials protected in a secure vault by a master password.

Some of the features that makes Last pass regarded as the best of the best password manager applications are:

(i) Store password in a secure vault – All your passwords and notes are stored securely in a vault.

(ii) Easy to use, searchable and organized vault.

(iii) Autofill every password – If you save your passwords as you browse, last pass will autofill login for you the next time you sign into your account.

(iv) Save unlimited logins for websites, and easily switch between them.

(v) Works perfectly on all devices and it is backed up and syncautomatically where you need it.

Download Last Pass password manager from Here

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Password Manager
Best Password Manager 2017

Dashlane is one of the best password manager applications. It helps to keep track of passwords and makes them secure in a simple way. It also automatically imports all your passwords from Chrome or any other browser into your secure vault.

Dashlane has both free and premium offerings.

Some of the features that made Dashlane make the list of best password manager applications are:

(i) Allows you to save any missing password as you browse and gives you the option to make a new password right away within your browser.

(ii) It sends you automatic alerts when websites are breached.

(iii) With the auto-login feature, you will never have to type password on all your devices again.

(iv) It has a strong password generator that works in a click.

(v) Allows you to store top-secret keys to software, wifi passwords and much more, keeping them safe, private and accessible.

Download Dashlane from HERE


Password Manager
Best Password Manager 2017

Keepass is also one of the best password manager applications you can have. It is a free open source password manager that helps you manage your password in a secure way. All passwords can be kept in one database and locked securely with one master key or a key file.

Some of the features that makes Keepass one of the best password manager applications are:

(i) It has a strong security

(ii) Allows multiple user keys – one master password decrypts the complete database.

(iii) Keepass is portable and need no installation. Very accessible.

(iv) It doesn’t store any information on your system.

(v) With Keepass, you can import and export from many file formats; including TXT, HTML, XML and CSV files.

(vi) It has a password database consists of only one file that can be transferred from one computer to another, easily.

(vii) It allows you to create, modify and delete groups, in which passwords can be stored.

(viii) It has the auto type, global auto type hot key and drag & drop feature.

(ix) You can search and sort for specific entries in the database.

(x) It is free and you have a full access to its source code.

(xi) It can generate strong random password

Download Keepass password manager from HERE

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4. 1Password

Password Manager
Best Password Manager 2017

1Password is amongst the best password manager applications, because as its name implies, all you need to remember is just one password. All other passwords and important information are secured behind that one master password.

Some of the features that makes 1Password stand out from the list of best password manager applications are:

(i) It is ideal for the family /household as it has a family safe box with a digital key.

(ii) 1Password remembers all your passwords, bank account routing number, alarm codes and many more.

(iii) It keeps your passwords very secure as it has strong AES-256 encryption.

(iv) It integrates with your web browser which allows you to create passwords, fill credit cards and sign in online with just a click.

(v) Allows you to sign in to supported apps without needing to type in username and password.

(vi) It has a secure digital wallet.

(vii) It sends you around the clock security alerts for services and sites visited.

(viii) It is very friendly, easy to use and gives free one on one support from the development team.

(ix) It can be used a personal security audit; as it tells you the weaker and duplicate passwords and improving them by generating strong password for your use.

Download 1Password app from HERE

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Password Manager
Best Password Manager 2017

RoboForm is regarded as the best password manager. Better put, the most preferred and top rated password manager app.

RoboForm like the rest of the app stores your passwords for you so you don’t have to bother. It is also having a bookmark-style login that automatically log you into your favorite websites with one click.

RoboForm works on every device from your PC, to your Mac, Phone, tablet and even a USB drive. It has the industry leading encryption technology that securely stores your password and has multifactor options available.

It also has autofill that helps fill out forms when you visit shopping sites and required to fill long forms.

The RoboForm password manger app is said to be the rated best password manager app because of the following features.

(i) It has a password manager

(ii) As an auto fill form filler

(iii) Assist in generating passwords

(iv) The start page is highly exclusive and personalized.

(v) It has a password sync feature

(vi) Its search box is very effective and fast.

Download RoboForm password manager application from HERE

Now that you have seen all five, we recently found a user vote cast on these five and below is the result of the top 5 with 1 referred to as the best option. (These five are the best of the best; you should be fine with anyone if you decide not to go with the votes.

  1. Last Page – 43.16%
  2. 1Password – 26.51%
  3. KeePass – 19.64%
  4. Dashlane – 5.34%
  5. RoboForm – 5.34%


A password manager is considered to be the best when it is flexible enough to go single with no web or online component at all. And also, you should know that if you are not comfortable with one password manager, you can easily transition to another one in a minute. (You might lose the little non-standard notes, but will surely not lose any website password).

So, go ahead and download any of these and never lose or forget your password ever again. YES!