A good percentage of us love to take pictures. In fact, for many people, photographs are a definition of their person and in the 21st century, where having smart phones with 12+ MP cameras is a norm, the picture-taking culture has become more solid. With this event, some good photo editing apps showed up.

From group shots, to selfies, to group selfies; pictures are gradually redefining social lives – not to mention that a picture can instantly go viral due to the fact that it is so easy to upload to social media. Due to the fact that pictures have become us, we need to pay a bit more attention to them in terms of look. The need to quickly edit and beautify our pictures before posting them cannot be over-emphasized; we don’t know where those pictures are going to get to and we may just land a modelling deal right?

We are going to look at the best photo editing apps for android so the next time you find yourself in need of a quick picture which looks professional, you will have something at your disposal.

Best Photo Editing Apps For Android 2017

#1 PrismaPhoto Editing Apps

Without much running round the bush let us begin. We are jumping right into this wonder app PRISMA. It is a free and fun way to apply multi effects to your picture. PRISMA doesn’t work like a regular photo editing app where you move your picture to it and do effects like crop, and correction; this app runs your pic through some preset effects inspired by famous artist like Picasso thus giving it a literal “photo finish”. The app could very well be the best photo editing app in the android market because when a picture goes through this software, it looks as though it was worked on and edited with Photoshop or Illustrator.

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#2 Bonfire Photo Editor

This app is free but there are in app purchases (kinda like a game right?). Do you know what it means to turn your picture into water color? You will find out when you use this android photo editor. There are so many features which this app supports and these features make it one of the best free photo editing apps we have in the android market.

Then there are the filters which it supports, sure there are the basics like black and white and HDR, but there is a lot more. Other features which you would get from this app include skin smoothing, blemish removal, etc.

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#3 Cymera

Sweet name there. This app is one of those photo editing apps where you can take pictures right from inside them as against importing pictures – of course you can also import pictures from the gallery. Also there are about seven different lenses to choose from when taking pictures

As for filters, there are 20+ of them, not to talk of frames and decorations which also abound within this app. Another thing which is cool about this is the realistic make-up effects which users can try out. Although this app is free, there is the small advertisement banner which you have to deal with. Pictures from this app can easily be shared to Facebook, twitter, tumblr, and other social media platforms.

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#4 Picsart

Picsart is very popular. It has all round features including a drawing tool, camera app, social platform, and let’s not forget, a photo editor with multiple effects, decorations and filters. You can create collages, clipart, and more with this beautiful photo editing app

The app is free but there are ads within it. With over 100Million downloads in the Google store, a rating of 4.4, and a very nice and easy-to-use interface, this photo editing apphas secured its fan base which is still growing.


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#5 PhotoDirector Photo Editor AppPhoto Editing Apps

Cyberlink is a name which is known to a whole lot of people, we have been seeing this name ever since laptop computers started showing up with webcams. They make the software for PC called Youcam. So the day when they decide to add photo editing apps for android to their products, you want to look at it closely.

The features on this app are enormous, there are different photo styles to choose from, overlays can be added to pictures easily and the app is built in such a way that you can unleash your creativity and make your picture the way you want it to be. PhotoDirector is a powerful, free, and multi-functional app which is quickly gaining popularity in the mobile photo editing world.

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#6 AirBrush: Easy Photo EditorPhoto Editing Apps

If you like selfies like Ellen, then you would love and adore this app; afterall, an app store rating of 4.8 can’t be wrong. The first about this app is the fact that it gives selfies the optimization they need for social media such as Facebook, twitter and other apps which require your face (dating apps for instance).

The functions on the airbrush app are not so plenty but in the little it can do, the execution is perfect and that is why this app is on our list of free photo editing apps. With Airbrush, you can perform effects that can clean off blemishes from your skin, clear up the bags from under your eyes, and wait for it – you can even get whiter teeth with a few swipes within this app so yes you may want to give it a go.

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#7 Adobe Photoshop ExpressPhoto Editing Apps

If we are discussing best photo editing apps(which we are), then this name has to be included.Adobe has created so much creative software that they have their very own Creative Suite (CS) and their very own creative cloud. This app is on the android market with a rating of 4.1 and 50 million downloads so it has to be good. The photoshop express app gives the all-round functionality and feel of the PC version and it is so well thought out that with just a few swipes, users can edit their pictures.

Basic functions like cropping, rotation, and flipping can be performed with so much ease, there are simple functions to remove spots of dust or dirt within the app, other functions for the basic user include shadow manipulation, shading, contrast, and a whole lot more.

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#8 Photo Editor by AviaryPhoto Editing Apps

Aviary has been in the market for a while and was actually rated among the top 10 free photo editing apps so perhaps due to the fact that they have got their head in the right place, Adobe bought the app over. That being said, Aviary is not looking like Photoshop now. It still has its distinctive look and sleek feel; the advantage of being in the adobe family is that now you can save your work on the Adobe creative cloud when you are through with your projects.

The interface however has changed from the playful one we remember to the grey and white Adobe trademark theme; still the app remains lively and interactive and tools such as cropping, blemish removal and even an easy interface for meme creation remain accessible to users of this app.

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#9 SnapseedPhoto Editing Apps

Nik Software Company came up with this awesome and ideal app called snapseed. You can perform the basic photo editing commands such as brightness, saturation, and contrast. However there is the automatic correction feature which in most cases, make it unnecessary to perform the basic commands.

This app is mostly popular for the innovative filters which it carries. These filters give professional touches to pictures and make this one of the best photo editing apps ever invented by man.

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And we can keep going. The world of photo-editing is interesting and if left to it, we would analyze all the apps out there. The thing of course is that a lot of us have misused these apps to the point where it becomes a nightmare to meet people some people in person.

These apps where meant to ‘enhance’ appearance and not ‘change’ appearance but that is just an opinion. The apps are there and can be used along the confines of their functionalities. Hopefully the next time you have a date app to which you want to upload a picture, or you are just obsessed with photographing your whole life as you go along, you can use one of these free photo editing apps mentioned here. If you are looking for the best photo editing apps and you still don’t find them after reading through this article, then we are waiting for you to create it. Happy snapping.

Photo editing is of paramount importance in this era of ‘selfies’ and social media exposure. Most social media subscribers employ the use of the best photo editing apps for android to digitally alter and manipulate images.  Android users need the best photo editing apps for android devices to create special effects, insert words and captions and even remove subjects.

The best photo editing apps for android must offer a wide selection of interesting filters, effects and options.  Adobe Photoshop Express and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom are among the best photo editing apps for android which allows for extensive and seamless photo editing.

Airbrush is a must-have app for the dedicated selfies taker. It offers reshaping tools, contains filters for teeth whitening, blemish removal and various quick fixes.

Another of the best photo editing apps for android is Snapseed. This is a unique photo editor which can be used to tune images.