First, we need to define what Torrent files are before we dig deep into the best torrent sites. Torrent files are simply small files that contain information on how a larger file can be downloaded using a BitTorrent protocol, which is a protocol that helps you download large files without having to be troubled by bandwidth. The Protocol, however, needs a torrent client for downloading the client.

Best Torrent Sites For Movies
Best Torrent Sites For Movies 2017

Some of the best torrent sites for movies are:

1. The Pirate Bay (TPB)best torrent sites for movies

The Pirate Bay is one of the most used torrent movie download sites and definitely one of the best torrent sites for movies. It is an online index of digital content of entertainment media and software which was founded in 2003.

With Pirate Bay torrent movie download site, visitors/ users can search, download and contribute magnet links and torrent files which facilitates the peer to peer sharing of file amongst users of the BitTorrent protocol.

The site is currently offline (Dec, 2016), but it is available in 35 languages primarily English and Swedish.

The Pirate Bay torrent movie download site is:

However, there is a cloned Pirate Bay torrent movie downloads called maintains the traffic of the original .org site; and you can easily search any kind of torrent like Bollywood, Hollywood, Software, Games, Songs, etc.

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2. Extra Torrentbest torrent sites for movies

The Extra Torrent is one of the best torrent movie download sites that allows its users to search, download and contribute magnet links and torrent files. It is usually called the ET.

This has the second world’s largest torrent movie downloads after the TPB as at December 2016.

Extra Torrent movie downloads was launched in 2006, the primary language is English and is still online and active as at Dec 2016. It has millions of visits per day with huge database in each category and it has become one of the most active torrent communities.

You can get the Extra Torrent movie downloads by clicking:

3. isoHUNTbest torrent sites for movies

isoHUNT is one of the best torrent websites that has an online torrent files index and repository. Like the other torrent websites, it allows visitors browse, search, download and upload torrents of various digital content of majorly entertainment nature.

Most of the torrent websites like isoHUNT are primarily in English language. isoHUNT does not require you to register (optional), but it is very mandatory for uploading. It was first launched 2013 and created by Gary Fung.

The isoHUNT gets millions of hits per day and has huge list and categories of torrent. Visit the isoHUNT site by clicking:

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4. 1337Xbest torrent sites for movies

1337X is one of the top torrent sites and it is said to be the sixth most popular torrent websites. As with the other best torrenting sites, 1337X website provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links used for the peer to peer file sharing through the famous BitTorrent protocol.

The 1337X as one of the top torrent sites was launched in 2007, free of charge and allows a user to choose whether they will like to register or not.

The 1337X came to be when the KAT was going through a time it couldn’t serve its customers. The website originally started with a .org, but now use the .to domain.

On 1337X homepage, you will get access to their huge database with popular software torrent, movie torrent, games torrent, international featured torrent, TV shows torrent and many more. This helps users to get the most popular torrent file easily.

Visit the website on:

5. Lime Torrentsbest torrent sites for movies

The Lime Torrents is one of the top torrent sites for new movies torrent. It has been around for several years, despite its limited popularity which is gaining momentum now due to the quality and huge database of torrent files.

As with most of the top torrent sites, you can search, download good quality torrent of movies, games, software, TV shows, music, applications, Anime and many more.

The UI for the website is very attractive and you can see this at:

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6. BitSnoopbest torrent sites for movies

The BitSnoop is one of the best torrenting sites that have a large database of torrent files. With the BitSnoop, you can be assured of getting quality torrent files to download and this download can be anything; ranging from games to movies to software and also HD Video and more.

The only challenge users have with the BitSnoop even though they have new movies torrent most times is the distracting pop-ups.

The BitSnoop torrent website is

7. Torrent Downloadsbest torrent sites for movies

The Torrent Downloads is one of the best torrenting sites that has been gaining traffic and has been one of the most popular torrent websites over the world. It was launched in 2011 and has continually provided a good quality torrent on several categories which includes the movies torrent, TV show torrent, Games torrent, Anime torrents, Software torrents, Books and more.

The Torrent Downloads website is:

8. Mini Novabest torrent sites for movies

Mini Nova is one of the best torrenting sites that although not very popular has a sizeable big database. You can download good torrent file of movies, songs, HD videos, software, games and many more downloadable files.

Also, on Mini Nova you can browse through groups like Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Games and Software. Min Nova also allows you upload a torrent file easily.

The Mini Nova website is:

9. TorrentBoxbest torrent sites for movies

The TorrentBox is one of the best websites with new movies torrent, games, music, software, books, TV, music video, anime and others. It has over 400 thousand downloads free of charge.

The TorrentBox prides itself as one of the few best torrent websites that provides fast torrent search and download. It provides a simple download of verified torrents. It is very simple to use and quite easy to navigate through with about 3 million torrents index with detailed reviews and comments.

The TorrentBox website is:

10. TorrentUsbest torrent sites for movies

The TorrentUs is quite new, but it provides users with an easy and convenient way to search for many BitTorrent network/ protocol with just a click through many torrent sites.  It has over four million verified torrent torrents in an index and over 2 million active torrents from over 40 different download sites.

The website has a clean navigation and makes it easy to find all the torrent files either it is the new movies torrent, games, software, books, and many more.

Use the TorrentUs website by clicking:


There has been a debate on whether BitTorrents are legal or not; the answer can be both Yes and No as it is totally dependent on what you are downloading. Some of these sites offer pirated movies, music, games, software, songs, books and many more rather than legitimate content whose copyright is in the public domain.

Therefore, the responsibility of downloading illegal files rests completely on the user; as the owners of these sites can completely get away by claiming innocence.