The proliferation of electronic devices and smart phones has created the need for WiFi technology which allows devices to seamlessly connect to broadband internet. Many mobile and electronic device users purchase wireless routers for their personal use. Router owners like to christen their devices with the best wifi names to make their wireless internet easily identifiable. The best wifi names stand out from the crowd. Connecting to wireless internet routers is easy, fun and time-saving when it bares unique names.

best wifi names

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A great deal of creativity is required to come up with the best wifi names. Wifi names can be humorous, sarcastic, and clever and can even serve as a warning to unauthorized users. ‘Virus Distribution Center’, ‘No free wifi for you’ and ‘Why are you stealing wifi?’ are the best wifi names to deter intruders. Sentences or statements can be joined to create the best wifi names such as Our-Internet-Is-Faster-Than-Yours.

Best Wifi Names | Best Funny Wifi Names | Best Wifi Network Names | Good Wifi Names 2016

  1. You kids get off my lan
  2. I am cheating on my wifi
  3. Help, I am trapped in a router
  4. A van down by the river
  5. Protected cex
  6. Don’t touch me
  7. Click here to inject virus.
  8. FBI surveillance
  9. The lan before time
  10. I am under your bed
  11. Because a lannister never forgets
  12. Nsa net secure
  13. Slow wifi
  14. Optimus prime
  15. Tell my wifi lover
  16. I can haz wireless
  17. Malware found
  18. Virus detected dot use
  19. Pay me
  20. Stealing information
  21. Child toucher
  22. Your dog shit in my yard
  23. I have seen you naked
  24. Ouch sat on my nutz
  25. Searching for device
  26. No free so get stuffed
  27. You can’t see me
  28. Can you smell me?
  29. Get off my lan
  30. All your bandwidth belong to us
  31. Wi believe I can fi
  32. Silence of the lan
  33. Our internet is faster than yours
  34. Get your own damn internet
  35. You pay now
  36. Use this one mom
  37. Please connect for identity theft
  38. Virus distribution centre
  39. Hidden network
  40. Virus network
  41. C:virus.exe
  42. Keep it on the download
  43. Don’t touch my daughter
  44. Free cex
  45. Unprotected cex
  46. Loading
  47. If you smell
  48. Hey don’t use my internet
  49. I can see you blustered
  50. Hang on
  51. Free hat
  52. Get out from my network
  53. Your all noobs
  54. Unsecured connection
  55. Connecting
  56. Connection is about to lost
  57. Pocket rocket
  58. Hacking on progress
  59. Your device may cause harm
  60. Use your own risk
  61. Error 404 not found
  62. Wifi connection failed
  63. Click here to disconnect
  64. Hacking your computer
  65. 2 girls 1 router
  66. Network not found
  67. No device found
  68. Feel like flying
  69. Call me maybe
  70. This is not free either
  71. First time cex
  72. Role play cex
  73. Outdoor cex
  74. Break the bed cex
  75. Newlywed cex
  76. Who the hell are you
  77. Net gear
  78. Sorry for loud cex
  79. Look ma, no wires?
  80. I can haz wireless?
  81. The promised lan
  82. Series of tubes
  83. It burns when ip
  84. Lan of milk and honey
  85. I am cheating on my wifi
  86. x
  87. Drop it like it’s hotspot
  88. Quit stealing my paer
  89. Stay off my router
  90. One does not simply connect to wifi
  91. Your wifi is in another castle
  92. This is not free either
  93. Call me maybe
  94. Sour patch kids
  95. Undercover police car

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