Crossword puzzles are fun, solving them can be a relaxing exercise as well as a stimulant for the brain. They can be used to aid in learning and a bit more; simply put, it is rare to see one get tired of solving crosswords. With the popularity that crossword puzzles have gained over the years, some enthusiasts have taken it to heart and created their own crossword puzzles for different purposes, some of course more difficult than others. So what makes a good crossword puzzle maker?  Below we examine some of the best crossword puzzle makers available and go through some tips on how to use them in making the best out of your crossword solving.

Crossword Puzzle Maker
Best Crossword Puzzle Maker 2017

Best Crossword Puzzle Maker 2017


It doesn’t get any easier than this is you are looking for a crossword puzzle maker. The eclipse crossword maker tool is so simple that anyone can use it to create awesome crosswords in terms of content and look. A user specifies the words and their corresponding clues, as well as the grid size for the crossword puzzle and voila! The crossword is ready. There are also layouts to choose from to better customize the look to the taste of the user. Once complete, the crossword puzzle can be printed on paper, embedded into web pages, or saved in formats which are compatible with other crossword software.


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This online crossword puzzle maker lets the user quickly create interactive crosswords in little or no time right from the browser. The concept is similar to the eclipse tool in that you get to choose the words and clues; specify the number of squares the puzzle is to have and hit the ‘create’ button which generates a PNG image for the puzzle. It is quick and easy but doesn’t give many options in terms of layout.



This crossword puzzle makeris quite popular for beginner compilers and among its features, is the ability to choose from either the British (more black squares) or the American (More white squares) crossword style. It is sleek and it offers a lot of flexibility. The thing about this tool is that once the puzzle is created, it goes through a short approval process which checks it for things like errors and after it is approved, it is available for online solvers to try.



Across like is a free crossword puzzle maker which allows one to create, publish, and solve crossword puzzles from their PC. It is available for both Windows and Mac and it has its own format which it uses to publish its own crosswords (.puz). The Washington Post and other dailies make their puzzles available in this format as well so it is a plus for this tool. Puzzles created with Across Lite can also be published online as interactive additions to blogs etc.

Website==>> www.litsoft.across/alite/download


What intrigued us most about this crossword puzzle maker (apart from its simplicity) is that puzzles created here can be downloaded in PDF and Word Formats for printing. It is a simple way to build, solve, and share puzzles and these puzzles can be shared with multiple sites as it supports the formats used in most sites online. It has a password protect feature which enables users to protect the answer key.  It is highly recommended if a user is looking for a quick and simple way of generating powerful puzzles any day. Did we mention it is ad free and there is no registration required?



As the name implies, this online crossword puzzle maker does just that and nothing more. The rules are simple as with others; put in the words and corresponding hints and leave the rest to be sorted out by the webapp. It is simple enough to grasp and the crosswords created by this webapp look good on any platform – PC or tablet.



This app could arguably be the best crossword puzzle maker available today. Apart from letting you use your own words, there are also vocabulary help features in this desktop app which is available for Windows PCs. Crossword compiler is the ‘go to’ choice for many professional crossword makers. It comes with a variety of layouts and although you have to pay to unlock all features, there is a free trial version which users can try out and rate performance.



Cruciverb features a large database of puzzle for solvers of all kinds. But it would be pointless in this article if it didn’t also feature a crossword puzzle maker. This site has a series of downloadable apps for windows, mac, and other platforms which help users create fantastic crosswords with ease. What is nice about this is that programmers can create their apps and submit it to Cruciverb which in turn would promote it on the site.



Another crossword puzzle maker which serves the purpose is the tool available at worksheets. The creator on this site is interactive yet simple, apart from entering the words, it has a dictionary tool which can search definitions of the words entered and provide clues for them. There is no registration required but there is a premium plan which gives more features such as having more definitions to words etc.



The crossword puzzle makertool on this site is simply amazing. It is designed to help children create genius puzzles but of course it is not limited to children. In five easy steps, one can create a crossword puzzle which can be played online or printed. There are options for background color too. It takes only a few minutes to create using this wonderful tool.



So be you an amateur or a professional, as long as you are a crossword enthusiast, there is something for you. These sites and apps have brought together the best in crossword puzzle maker technology and innovation to get you solving for as long as you can keep up. So try them out and see which ones you like best.

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