The DNS lookup failed is an error that commonly occurs in google chrome either when there is an internet connection problem or when the searched DNS server stops responding.

dns lookup failed
dns lookup failed

Surfing the internet and being plagued by DNS lookup failed error in windows can be frustrating; this article therefore takes a look at how to fix this error.

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Fix one: Selecting the right Internet Protocol

Due to the fact that DNS lookup failed is mainly an internet connection problem the first thing to check is the connectivity. Access the control panel, click on the “Network and sharing center, select the connection being used, click on properties and then select Internet Protocol 6 (TCP/IPv6).

For users with Windows 7 or Vista, when the DNS lookup failed error occurs, the right protocol to select is the Internet protocol 4 version (TCP/IPv4).

dns lookup failed
dns lookup failed

When this is done, go to properties and ensure that the address are set to be received automatically. Then select ok. Restart the computer and check to see if the problem has been resolved.

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Fix two: Flush DNS

Most operating systems store their data in the cache to aid internet connection. The DNS lookup failed error sometimes occurs due to the cache storing. Flushing DNS removes information from the websites that have been visited previously. Clearing this cache then makes DNS query a DNS server instead of using cache information.

To clear cache in order to fix the DNS lookup failed error these steps should be followed:

Step 1. Click on start. Type command prompt in the search box.

dns lookup failed
dns lookup failed

Step 2. Select it in the results provided and click on the option, run as administrator.

Step 3. Since it is an administrator command, the user will have to provide the password or produce confirmation.

Step 4. Afterwards, type ipconfig/flushDNS followed by ipconfig /registerDNS and press Enter.

dns lookup failed
dns lookup failed

It will surely clear the cache but if not use the following commands.

i) ipconfig /registerdns

ii) ipconfig /release

iii) ipconfig /renew

iv) netsh winsock reset

Fix three: Change DNS server

dns lookup failed
dns lookup failed

DNS servers are usually obtained automatically by computers, it is best to change the DNS servers to open if continuous DNS lookup failed error is to cease.  The preferred DNS servers to use are and

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Fix 4: Clear Cache, Cookies

dns lookup failed
dns lookup failed

The user then clears the browsing history, cookies and disable add-ons and then restart the computer.

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The DNS lookup failed can easily be fixed by following the above steps especially making sure the IP version used and the DNS servers being used are best suited for the particular computer.

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