Have you ever heard of Google? Google has become an empire before our very eyes; the world’s biggest search engine has impressed all her users since inception almost two decades ago, simply put, Google is awesome. Apart from their functionality, another thing which has become popular is google tricks – and yeah you read that right.

do a barrel roll
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Google tricks are built into every google product if you look in the right places. They can be in the form of optical illusions, stop watches, or maps to fictional places like Murdor (Lord of the Rings fans get it). And there’ll be a time and place to get into all that but for now we are going to look at one of the coolest things google has ever done – apart from google maps.

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Do a barrel roll – Google trick

Again, you read that correctly, have you ever tried to Google do a barrel roll? barrel roll is not a tasty snack as the name suggests, it is a neat trick on google that… before we continue, what is a barrel roll and how do you do a barrel roll?


The term ‘do a barrel roll’ was coined from the Airplane maneuver where… As Wikipedia puts it, A barrel roll is an aerial maneuver in which an airplane makes a complete rotation on both its longitudinal and lateral axes, causing it to follow a helical path, approximately maintaining its original direction. WOW!

In simple English, that is like a sideways somersault. So back to our ‘Google trick –  do a barrel roll’. Simply put, when you Google do a barrel roll, the screen flips around 360 degrees in a clockwise direction and as earlier mentioned, is insanely cool.

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As a joke, do a barrel roll could mean to shake off a negative feeling or experience.

Hows does Google trick –  do a barrel roll work?

Apparently, no one knows except the magical beings inside google. Some techies online suggest it is a CSS script while others say it is plainly HTML 5 (which is why it does not work on Internet explorer – Kidding! It works in internet explorer’s latest version). It is basically a CSS3 animation and those who are interested in all that coding lingua can try it. Another cool fact is that the mobile community is not left out as this google trick also works on android devices.

Why does google add these tricks to their apps one may ask; truth be told, sometimes it is just for fun, like when you type ‘recursion’ in the search bar, it asks ‘did you mean recursion’, uhh… of course I meant recursion but in there lies the trick. Still don’t get it? Then perhaps you should check the meaning of the word.Another example of a just-for-fun trick is the ‘askew’ keyword. Other times, these google tricks help us save time… yes! Like using the calculator trick – read further to find out how.

Click To See The Magic Of Google Do A Barrel Roll

Other Google Tricks:

#1 Z or R Twice:

Another way to achieve Google do a barrel roll is by typing the keyword “Z or R twice” in the google search bar. It replicates the barrel role trick.

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#2 Timer:

This is another neat trick. This creates a countdown timer using google. All a user has to do is type the keywords such as ‘set timer for ten minutes” and it starts to count automatically. It works well in the event that a stopwatch or timer is not close by and one needs to keep track on something.

#3 Google Gravity:

Like do a barrel roll, this makes your Google act weird. The gravity Google trick creates the feeling of your world falling down; that is the best way to explain it. However, you do not search for the keyword ‘google gravity’, to see the gravity effect, you click on ‘I’m feeling lucky’ after typing the keyword. If you have suggestions enabled in your browser, then this would be seen on the right-hand side of the suggestions.

#4 Calculator:

Quick calculations can be performed with the google calculator trick, it saves time because let’s face it, getting the calculator app out of the PC can be, in a way, time consuming. It is as simple as typing the math equation in the search bar. An example would be to search for “10+10=” and it would display the answer alongside a smooth calculator app which could help with other calculations.

#5 Askew

It is not as cool as do a barrel roll(maybe it is) but still one of the coolest google tricks ever. Just type askew into the search bar and watch the screen tilt to one side. To reverse this, type ‘unaskew’ (not in the Google search bar.

$6 Google Pacman

Google pacman is a wonderful way to pass the time. It brings the pacman game to your computer screen just by typing ‘Google Pacman’ into the search bar. What? Don’t know what pacman is? Were you born last year?


As we can see, google has been there to inform and entertain us in so many ways. One could use these tricks to pass the time if one is feeling bored or if one isn’t so good with mental math (Wink).To see more google tricks, log on to and enjoy.

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