There are many postal services that operate across the world. FedEx is one of them, DHL is another. Like many other companies, the services rendered by these postal carriers cannot be over-emphasized. The need for letters, parcels, and shipments to move around from one point to another is the reason they exist and we should be grateful for them.

Does USPS deliver on Saturday & Sunday?
Does USPS deliver on Saturday & Sunday?

The USPS, for those who do not know, is the United States Postal Service. It was the genius creation of Benjamin Franklin in 1775 before he became president. During his work there, the US post office was born and ever since then, the USPS has been delivering exceptional service. The company currently has over half a million dedicated employees and counting.

Due to the size and operation of this corporation, we hear the questions about USPS Saturday hours and USPS Sunday hours a lot. The working class community are the ones with these questions mostly seeing as they are free only on weekends.

In this article we will be looking – in detail – at the USPS weekend delivery schedule and we will be able to put a lot of the enquiries to rest.


The USPS working time is pretty hectic, the USPS office works from 8:30am all the way to 7:00pm from Monday to Friday. Although these hours may differ from state to state, it is standard, give or take one hour difference. Because of the services they offer, the USPS opens even on Good Friday, Tax Day, and Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve despite these being regarded as public holidays in most sectors.

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The USPS does not open on days like Christmas Day. New Year’s Day, Columbus Day, and other days. For more information on detailed Opening and Closing hours, visit the link provided at the end of this article.


So, does USPS deliver on Saturday? The straight up answer to that is yes. USPS office doors are open to send and receive, and deliver mail for Six and a half hours from 8:30am. This is doors for those who need to send a mail but are busy on other days of the week. It is also a good timing for those who perhaps work shifts on weekends seeing as the offices stay open till 3:30pm. This being said, as we will find later in the article, postal officers on their route still deliver on Saturdays even though the offices are closed.

A measure to cut cost, the USPS has contemplated the elimination of Saturday work but this has been met with protest from business owner across the country. Thanks to the protests, we will continue receiving mail on Saturdays.


USPS Sunday delivery is a tricky one. Sundays are the only days in the week when USPS offices do not open and no deliveries are done on this day. This sparks a lot of enquiry because in the United States, most businesses run on Sundays as they would on other days or perhaps open for less hours. So it is important to clear up the air so we do not assume that the USPS works on Sundays.

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Well, all federal employees who work on Sunday are required to get an additional 25% of their hourly pay so it is assumed that it is easier to give the day off rather than incur such an expense; call it a sort of cost reduction technique.

There is another perception that mail is still being moved around on  Sunday so only a percentage of staff work on that day, the point is whether or not mail is being moved around, no one will be doing any deliveries on that day so to the public, the USPS shuts down completely on Sunday.


Well the easy answer to this is that the Postal officers of the USPS can be found after the official hours mentioned earlier. This is because every mail for that day must be delivered unless there are circumstances which prevent that such as a vehicle break down. On a Saturday, deliveries are made till about 6pm (even though the offices officially shut down at 3:30), and some time mail is still delivered till 7pm. This could depend on the delivery person though, some are determined to finish their route, no matter how long it takes.

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For some parcels, for example, a purchase made on the internet. Sometime they are supposed to get to you on a Sunday and the USPS is in charge of that delivery; what happens then? Of course nothing is wrong with the delivery but there are ways to track parcels so you can rest easy knowing that it is on its way.

Each parcel has a code otherwise known as tracking ID which, when input in  some web tools of mobile apps, enables you track your shipment and some of them go as far as showing you the exact location of the package along with other information such as delivery time.


As a recap, the USPS works every day but there is no USPS Sunday Delivery. That gives the staff one day to rest and recuperate. And also have time for their loved ones. So there you have the answers as to the questions which birthed this article. We hope they give more insights as to the weekend operations of the USPS.