As obvious as it is, instagram just like any other smartphone app, operates on both Android and iPhone of course not forgetting Blackberry. However, categorically, we are about to discover the processes involved when you want to Download Instagram for Android and iPhone. Because of the fact that both phones have different operating systems, the two models of phones have also different methods download as discussed below. Nonetheless, the bottom line is, the two phones are both smartphones and instagram just like any other phone app, works will on the two.

download instagram for android
Download instagram for android phone and iphone

#1 Download Instagram for Android

Typically all the smartphones have a feature named appstore, for android phones, the feature is called google play store. From this sophisticated feature, users can download any free application from the internet and instagram in this case is not an exception. For you to Download Instagram for Android, go to your android phone’s play store and type in the word, “instagram” and search, but see to it that you have a strong internet connection on your phone; like a Wi-Fi connection or so. The play store will automatically Download Instagram Apk and automatically install the apk as an app in the phone.

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#2 Getting the right online market for instagram for android

There are just many online markets to Download Instagram for Android for instance to mention but an example, could work best for you in case you want to Download Instagram Apk which subsequently you are supposed to manually install on to your phone’s operating system. The sites are just too mention and most of them offer Instagram Free Download to their visitors, however, there are a few websites that provide Instagram for Android and iPhone but for a price and many users have found it too hard on them to be charged for what they think it should be free.

The easier way to identify sites that won’t charge you for downloading instagram, be keen enough to select the one with the notion, Free Download Instagram for Android,  whether it is for android or iPhone. Sites with Instagram Free Download provision has been proved to register a considerable number of clients, something that has greatly attracted traffic to their sites boosting their public relations and make double profits as far as business is concerned.

Instagram for Android is no different from Instagram for iPhone, the only difference is the fact that the same app is working on different operating system, therefore, the procedures involved in downloading Instagram for Android is not far related to the process involved in downloading Instagram for iPhone just as explained below

#3 How to download Instagram for iPhone

Instead of the google play store, on iPhone, you will begin the process by tapping on the feature name: App Store, then search, the tap on the search field. There will come different suggestions and you are likely to pick on the first of them on the list and tap on it then tap on get to install it, it doesn’t matter what model the iPhone is, whether iPhone 5, 5c or 4s. With the slight change of the positioning of the features and readily installed apps, you should not be confused.

That said, you can enjoy every moment of your time during picnic, camping, holiday tour or wherever the place. You can take pictures using the instagram app camera and share them with other social media platforms such as facebook and twitter. Moreover, use the installed instagram to post stored photos in your phone’s storage.