Gone are the days when we used to copy photos and video files on to our phone so as to post them on Instagram. Pictures speak much about not only an individual but also an organization. An organization dealing in different niches would wish to post their photos on instagram through the computer or mac to avoid a long process of first copying the photos on to the phone. The pictures to be posted on instagram account may be too many to be stored on a phone.

download instagram for pc
download instagram for pc

By now you already have the idea that instagram is an application, secondly, you also may have the idea that it is a smartphone’s app and only operates on phones. If that is the case, you are in for a shock when you finds out that you can literally use instagram on your windows or mac personal computer. It do not matter if you have windows 7, 8, 10 or Macintosh installed on your computer. All you need to have is an emulator such as bluestacks, which mimics a smartphone on your computer.

This piece of an article is very helpful as it is aimed at showing you How to download Instagram for PC use. However, before downloading Instagram for PC, you first need to have bluestacks installed on your computer or mac. Bluestacks, which is the main pillar in a PC for any phone app installed on your computer will automatically download Instagram for PC. It is very fortunate to know that you can always have an Instagram free Download from the internet any time you want.

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#1 Instagram and installation

With the new information availed to you regarding how to Download Instagram for PC, now it is about time to practically apply the knowledge. Firstly, to Download Instagram for PC, you need to first to be well connected to an internet then using a search engine such as google, yahoo or bing, type in “Download Instagram for PC”. There will be different sites that will appear on the window that grant access to Download Instagram for PC then select on one and follow the procedure provided as guided below. You can also download it from here too..

#2 Bluestacks Installation

Before instagram is downloaded on to your pc, automatically, many of these sites that provides free apps downloads will first guide you to downloading Bluestacks emulator in case it is not readily installed on your computer or mac. Bluestacks will be downloaded and installed first then you can proceed to download instagram app. When you download the app, bluestacks picks up the download process and instagram gets the app installed in it.

#3 How to open the downloaded instagram app

Therefore when you want to use instagram, you first start your bluestacks from your windows or mac computer then click on all apps. Then select on instagram icon to open it. Access videos or photo files stored on your computer and share with friends that are following you on instagram.