An emoji keyboard is an emoji picker that has an extensive search functionality. The emoji keyboard helps to easily get and input emoji in web interface/browser. It is very easy to use and all you have to do is hover on emoji to see the meaning, then click on it to copy it to the clipboard or insert in the message box.

emoji keyboard
Best emoji keyboard for android & iPhone 2017

There are several emoji keyboard out there and while some are multiplatform; most are not. We would look at the best picks and most used emoji keyboards for iPhone devices as well as Android deices.

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Some of the best iPhone emoji keyboard apps available are:

1. Better Fontsemoji keyboard for android

Better Fonts is a free iPhone emoji Keyboard with in-app purchases that has been used by over 50million users, has over 118 fonts to choose from, allows you to write with emoji text, upside down text, bubble letters and can be used everywhere including; Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Kik, Instagram, iMessage, Viber and many more.

It is the easiest and faster way to directly put in your best fonts and it has an awesome new layout.

Download Better Fonts iPhone emoji keyboard from:


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2. Bitmojiemoji keyboard for android

The Bitmoji iPhone emoji keyboard is simply having your personal emoji. It is used to create an expressive cartoon avatar and can be used on Snapchat, iMessage and any other social media platforms.

Bitmoji has a huge library of stickers; all featuring you. Bitmoji works on multiple platforms.

Download Bitmoji iPhone emoji keyboard app from:


3. Flesky Keyboardemoji keyboard for android

Flesky is one of the fastest and most customizable keyboard available as an iPhone emoji keyboard in the world. Flesky makes it fun to type and it is the first keyboard that allows you to find and send GIFs, and customize your extensions and colorful themes.

Flesky has more natural gestures like punctuating with just a swipe of your finger. It is easy, intuitive and fast. It supports over 40 languages and easily switches between these languages when typing.

Flesky is also a multi-platform emoji keyboard app that can be used by both Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Download keyboard emoji app from:


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4. GBoardemoji keyboard for android

GBoard is an iPhone keyboard emoji app from Google. It can be used in GIFs, emoji and glide typing; with built-in Google search. GBoard is designed to keep your private information very private and doesn’t send just everything to Google other than your searches.

With GBoard, you can search and send just about anything from Google right from your keyboard; and it sends the usage report to user to show you the statistics to Google that lets you know which features are used the most and lets you understand why an app crash.

Download GBoard iPhone emoji keyboard app from:


5. SwiftKey Keyboardemoji keyboard for android

SwiftKey iPhone emoji keyboard app is a smart keyboard that learns from you, replacing your device’s built-in keyboard with the one that perfectly suits the way you type because it must have learnt your writing style and it has multilingual features.

Other features of the SwiftKey keyboard app include: It autocompletes a whole word with a single tap, inserts missing spaces for you, type by sliding from letter to letter with the SwiftKey flow,

The SwiftKey emoji Keyboard app has over 800 emoji characters to enhance your words with over 30 languages.

Download SwiftKey keyboard app from:


Other iPhone emoji keyboard apps are:

6. Slash Keyboard – iPhone keyboard emoji app: Download

7. Minuum: Download this iPhone keyboard emoji app


Some of the best emoji keyboard for Android devices available are:

1. GO Keyboardiphone emoji keyboard

GO keyboard is the best emoji keyboard for Android with over 200 million users worldwide. It is the most useful typing help you can get on your Android device as it is fast and correct.

The Go Keyboard has over ten thousand colorful themes, over 100 fonts that makes the Android device more fun. It also supports over 60 languages and the emoji and emoticons are compatible across all popular apps.

Some of the amazing features include its over 100 popular fonts, the availability of several layouts such as QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard, gives you accurate word suggestions, Highly secure and private and of course, the over 80 packs of emoji and emoticons.

Download the GO Keyboard emoji keyboard for Android from:


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2. Google keyboardiphone emoji keyboard

Google Keyboard is also one of the best emoji keyboard for Android devices that makes typing fast and easy with gesture and voice. It allows you to compose a text on the go with voice typing and when you can’t find words, it allows you to express yourself with hundreds of perfect emoji.

Google Keyboard offers word completion suggestions, automatic corrections and next word predictions based on your tying and word patterns. It has over 100 emoji that you can choose from and it has the gesture cursor control that allows you to delete multiple words. It has layouts with or without key borders for you to choose from and it is supported in over 20 languages.

Download Google Keyboard from:


3. Multiling O Keyboardiphone emoji keyboard

The list of best emoji keyboard for Android would not be perfect if we didn’t mention the Multiling O keyboard app. This app is very lightweight yet highly flexible and powerful. It has over 200 languages supported, accurate gesture input, saves battery, flexible, personalized PC keyboard layout, resizable, easy positioning, gesture oriented, unlimited themes, fun text transformation and quality color emoji stickers.

The Multiling O emoji keyboard for Android is ultra-customizable, has T9 prediction, flick or multi-tap, multiple keyboard layout, easy switch between languages, layout, voice inputs and even other keyboards.

Download the Multiling O Keyboard app from:


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4. Minuum Keyboardiphone emoji keyboard

The Minuum keyboard was among the list of the 12 best emoji keyboard for Android devices in 2014 and it is still one of the best up till date.

The Minuum keyboard app has a multi-language capability, types surprisingly fast and delightfully sloppy, have many smart emoji, saves screen space, enables one-handed typing or it repositions the keyboard entirely, allows you to tweak your text, emails and posts with ease; has a quick clipboard tool and allows you to monitor your typing speed.

Minuum Keyboard has over 856 emoticons and gives instant access to thesaurus, dictionary, search and share function. It lets you delete words from your dictionary that your pop-up displays, voice typing, split screen capability for multi-tasking and rapid gesture shortcuts.

Download Minuum keyboard app from:


5. Swype Keyboard Trialiphone emoji keyboard

The Swipe Keyboard Trial app is one of the best keyboard emoji app for Android devices that has over 250million users and still growing. It is a Guinness world Record holder for fastest time to type a text message, it accepts no limitation and owns the original swype keyboard, it has bilingual support that allows you enter words from two languages at once, highly customizable, very accessible and enables you to back up your personal dictionary to the cloud and synchronize it with all/any of your Android device(s).

Swype Keyboard analyzes your entire sentence and underlines the potential errors for quick fixing, has a variety of keyboard themes to choose from, has the smart touch function, voice/text dictionary fix and gestures.

Download Swype Keyboard from:


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Other emoji keyboard for Android devices are:

6. Smart Keyboard Trial: Download

7. type Keyboard Plus: Download

8. Chrooma keyboard: This emoji keyboard for Android devices can be downloaded from here:

9. FancyKey Keyboard: Download

10. Neon Butterflies Keyboard: You can get this emoji keyboard for Android devices from HERE:

11. Color Rain Emoji Keyboard: Get this from Here:


There are so many keyboards out for both Android and iPhone devices that you have no reason being stuck with the boring layout of your device, lame typing and zero emoji. Go ahead and download any of the listed ones for maximum benefits.

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