Facetime is a video telephony app developed by Apple and can only be used by devices that runs on iOS and Macintosh computers that run Mac OS.

The Android market, however, has several alternatives of Facetime its users can use that compete closely in terms of price, reliability, restrictions and features.


Facetime For Android
Best Alternatives Of Facetime For Android 2017

In no order, below is a list of top and most used alternatives of Facetime for Android users.

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1. VIBER (Free with in-app purchases)

Facetime For AndroidMore that 200million people worldwide connect through viber as it is fullycompatible with android OS platform. It easily works with 3g network and on Wi-Fi as well. Not only is the sound quality crystal clear, but also, calls and messages on the platform are totally free of charge.

Quick features of VIBER

  • It offers location-sharing with other viber users.
  • A quality group conversations on viber for friends can be made
  • It supports viber desktop
  • A quick pop up notification and pop up window for quick reply
  • Simple and convenient to use and allows changes in conversation background image.

Viber can be downloaded from

2. WeChat (Free with in-app purchases)

Facetime For AndroidWeChat is another free alternative of Facetime for Android app that has over 80million installs. This app has the whole package from messaging to video chats and voice calls.

Unique features of WeChat

  • Group chat capabilities of up to 500 people.
  • Free video calls anywhere in the world
  • Free stickers
  • It works on cross platform, giving your friends on iOS the opportunity to video chat you.
  • Very user friendly and simple yet versatile enough for everyone to use.

Download and install WeChat from:

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3. Google Hangouts (Free)

Facetime For AndroidGoogle hangout is an outstanding alternative to Facetime. It allows you to text chat up to 100 people at the same time and video chat ten people also at the same time. Most Android devices have this pre-installed.

Exceptional features of Google Hangouts

  • Video calling is unified.
  • It’s advance data management latency runs on cellular data.
  • It provides under the hood, stickers, emoji and many other features.
  • Free calls to any part of the world
  • Allow users to send images, GIFs and videos to hangout partners.

Start using google hangout today by downloading and installing on your device from:

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4. Skype (Free)

Facetime For AndroidSkype is a renown cross-platform supportive app that is heavily used for computer video chatting and equally present on mobile devices. It allows you video chat up to 10 people and voice calls with other Skype users or even call mobile/land lines with some fixed costs.

Some of its well-known features are:

  • Calls between skype and land/mobile numbers.
  • Instant messaging and voicemail.
  • Screen sharing capabilities.
  • Availability of wireless hotspot network access.
  • Send attachments and video calls to any Skype user.

Download app from:

5. Tango (Free with in-app purchases)

Facetime For AndroidTango as the one of the oldest video chat apps on the android platform, has had the time to improve and expand over the years. It is a free chat app that features text chats, video chats and voice calls.

Features of Tango include:

  • Powerful video application
  • Helps/suggest people of same interest which allows you to find friends in no time.
  • User can update profile pictures and hide online status.
  • It has over 30+ inbuilt games
  • It seamlessly integrates with Spotify for listening to music.

Tango can be downloaded from:

6. ICQ (Free with in-app purchases)

Facetime For AndroidICQ is one of the lesser known alternatives of Facetime for Android devices that gives free video calls.


  • It supports group chatting
  • HD video chat
  • Allow users to send images, GIFs and videos
  • Free messaging and calling features
  • It is a cross platform app

ICQ can be downloaded from:

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7. IMO (Free)

Facetime For AndroidIMO is yet another great alternative of Facetime for ndroid users by which one can make video and voice calls without any issues.

Some of its features include:

  • All your numbers stored on your device are automatically known and can be called.
  • Text and video calls are completely free.
  • Availability of many stickers
  • Users can write doodles and share with friends.
  • It can be said to be the best alternative of Facetime for Android users

You can download IMO from:

8. ooVoo (Free with in-app purchases)

Facetime For AndroidooVoo is a premium app that has over 80million successful active users that combines text, voice calls and video calls all in one application. ooVoo allows for over 12 participants and includes built-in functionality to detect changes network speeds to help avoid dropped calls.

Some of its great features include:

  • Cross platform capability irrespective of the devices
  • Group messages, video and voice calls.
  • Allows you to call landlines (with ooVoo credits).
  • Wide user base.
  • Allows desktop users to watch YouTube videos.

Download ooVoo from:

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9. Line (Free with in-app purchases)

Facetime For AndroidLine is another alternative of Facetime for Android users used around the world. It is a cross platform messaging app services that allow video and voice calls for free.


  • It gives a great texting experience.
  • There are several stickers made available.
  • It can be used across platform with any device.
  • Allows user to send audio notes and other sound bites.
  • Free calls and video chats with friends around the world for free.

You can get to download Line from:

10. Zangi (Free)

Facetime For AndroidLast but not the least on our list is Zangi as one of the best alternatives of Facetime for Android users. This is newer and it boasts the ability to have calls over 2G and EDGE networks unlike most of the other above mentioned. This has made it the first option for most people in areas with weaker signals.


  • Decent security features.
  • It will work perfectly on low end devices.
  • Free video calls.
  • Ability to work on 2G and EDGE networks.
  • HD video calls available.

Download Zangi from:

Even though we wanted to list top 10 alternatives of Facetime for Android users, we wouldn’t end the article if we don’t welcome the latest addition to the group. So, let’s take a quick look at:

11. WhatsApp (Free)

Facetime For AndroidThis is one of the most used messaging platform used by over 1 billion people across the world. It just recently (November 2016) added the video chatting capabilities to its features.

Incredible features include:

  • End – to- end encryption (security by default)
  • Ability to share photos and videos instantly.
  • Documents can be easily shared.
  • Free video and voice calls
  • Group chats capability of up to 256 people.

Dowload Here –

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The above described alternatives of Facetime for Android users are just a few of the many available, but you will experience the best video chatting service with any of them. Feel free to download the one that best suit your requirements.