Hello there! How are you doing today? Good? Okay let’s do this.

In the 21st century, when our friends fall, we laugh; but when our phones fall, we panic. That is how important our phones are to us these days and for good reason too. Our phones have become our primary source of communication, they hold most of our memories, and some of them are even water-proof these days. If I panic when my phone falls, what do you think I would feel when I cannot locate my phone?

When a phone goes missing, it could pose a lot of problems and based on this, there have been some ‘find my phone’ apps for android which can keep eyes on our phones when we can’t and in a few seconds we will be looking into a couple of these apps which would help answer the questions ‘where is my phone?’ and ‘where’s my droid?’ the next time they pop up.

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Let’s get into it and surely by the end of this article you will find a ‘find my phone’ app which works for you.


Basically, these are applications which are installed on smart phones and when they are installed, they create a link from the phone which can be viewed from a remote location via the internet or GPS.

1. FIND MY PHONEfind my android

This app is pretty basic in design but very functional. It is not a free app but it is quite affordable. For $0.99, you get a fully integrated anti-theft system in your android device. This app lets you find your phone via GPS. IN the event that your nightmare does come true and you lose your phone, all you have to do is send ‘findme’ to start tracking and ‘ringaloud’ to… you should know what that does. If you don’t, read on and you will find out. You can send the tracking texts via any SMS platform be it a friend’s phone or an online service.


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2. PLAN Bfind my android

This is a genius find my phone app and you will find out in a minute why we think so. Many of us do not plan ahead and we only remember that we should have installed a ‘find my phone’ app when it is already too late. We wait till the phone is missing or stolen before we realize we may have tracked it. That is what the guys at LookUp Labs thought about when they created this genius app. Available for free on the Google play store, PLAN B can be installed remotely and it will make use of GPS or SMS to find the missing phone and send back an email to you. For subsequent tracking, you can send keyword ‘locate’ to the phone and it will send another email with the new location. Pretty sweet if you ask me.


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3. ANDROID LOSTfind my android

Another wonderful app that can answer the ‘where is my phone?’question is the Android Lost app. Through a web interface, this app will not only locate my phone – I mean – your phone remotely, but will also wipe the phone and trigger an alarm (if you want to do that f course). It is a nice app which would leave your phone stealer perplexed at the annoying sound their recently stolen property is giving off and in the case that you are like me and you leave your phone in the fridge or other strange places, you could locate my phone – I mean – your phone, a whole lot faster.


4. WHERE’S MY DROIDfind my phone

Where’s my Droid you ask? Why it is in my pocket thank you for asking. You weren’t asking? Oh well, this free find my phone app. This app has some interesting features and one of them is that by sending a code to the phone via text, it activates the ring tone and the phone will ring away! The cool part in all this is that it matters not whether the phone is on silent mode; it will ring out loud (ROL). Another thing which catches the attention when it comes to this app is that you don’t just ask ‘where’s my phone?’ but you can actually see it via a web interface and control it remotely. It is Badass to say the least.


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5. SEEK DROIDfind my phone

Find my phone or seek my phone? The terminology means the same obviously but this app is a good one. This app is free to download but costs $2.99/month if you go pro. It has the find my android phone app features such as remote lock and remote wipe, ring even when in silent mode and GPS capabilities. It works well and has received good reviews. One sweet feature of this app however, is that it works irrespective of the presence of a Sim card. Now that is why I like it. In some places, once a phone is stolen, the sim is removed and that is that as far as tracking goes, but not in the case of this app.


6. ANTI DROID THEFTfind my phone

Well this find my android app already assumes the worst and the name proves it. Whatever the case though, it is a wonderful way to locate a missing android device. It is free for starters. It works as an anti-theft app and can help you keep track of changes made on the sim card, access pictures taken by the phone through a web interface, and has a lot of GPS compliant features. All over the web there is ample news coverage of how this app did good in getting back stolen devices by tracking down to the car the phone was in.


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7. PREY ANTI-THEFTwhere is my phone

As effective as this app is, it must be installed on the target phone as a precautionary measure and not an afterth9uoght. What this means is that it must be installed before the phone actually goes missing. In the case of a missing android phone, the app is activated with the keywords GO PREY (all caps) sent via SMS. There is a control panel users can then log into and mark the phone ‘missing’. When this is done, notifications are sent as to the location of the phone. The app stays hidden on the target phone (talk of stealth) and can only be uninstalled with a password.


8. LOOKOUTwhere is my phone

This find my android app is downloaded free but has a premium rate of $2.99/month. With a Google map integration, one can find their missing phones using a map. Lock the phone remotely and of course activate ringing even while in silent mode (this feature has to be the sneakiest). There is another feature which puts this app in the A-List corner. In the event the phone is running low on battery and eventually dies, the app notifies you of the last known location of the device.


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Now we’re getting to the good stuff. This app is free to download but it costs $30/year. When a user pays this amount, they do not only get the basic anti-theft options like ringing while silent or remote lock, they also get basic and advanced Anti-Virus and Anti-malware solutions. Even if you say you do not want to get into the emotional strain of looking for and tracking your phone, it’s okay! The app offers regular backups of the phone data and you can easily move them to a new device of your choosing should you lose the precious one.


10. KASPERSKY MOBILEfind my android phone

Who has used this app on PC? If you have, then you will know it is not playing games with these thieves. On mobile, the Kaspersky Security android app is just as deadly. For just $4.95 (of course it isn’t free), you get a package of Anti-Theft features complete with remote block, remote wipe, device tracking via Google maps, GPS, and even Wi-Fi (yeah you read that right). It works perfectly even if the sim card in the phone has been removed or even changed.



After all that preaching it is not realistic to fear your phone going missing. With all this technology in place, there is nothing to worry about. Even if you are among the millions who did not plan ahead, you don’t have to worry with the ‘where’s my phone’ bit and you can just go ahead to install one of the highly functional apps here listed.

There are find my phone apps for free as we have seen, there are those that are paid, there are those which can be installed on one phone at a time and there are those which can be installed on multiple phones, whichever the case or your taste, there is something for you.

So don’t over think it. Get yourself an app to protect that phone so you have little or nothing to lose in the event that it goes missing tomorrow.