We all enjoy a good movie every now and again. And since all things go down on the internet these days, then we may as well find a way to take our movie madness online. If you are unaware of what we are hinting at, we are talking about ways to download free movies from the internet. There! Let’s proceed.

As you would agree, there are lots of sites where one can download movies for free. So how about we go check some of them out? The idea is to broaden your scope if you already download free movies, and to show you what wonderful movie download sites are out there if you are a newbie.

Free Movie Downloads No Registration
Best Free Movie Downloads No Registration [14 Sites] 2017

Best Free Movie Downloads No Registration Sites 2017


This site is not very popular but it is still worth a try. With over 40,000 movies in their database, this Indian-based service is doing what it can to be a preferred place for movie downloaders online. This site does not only offer movies, you can also download songs and play games. If the movie you are looking for is not on the site, you can request for it to be added and the admin will see to it as they usually do. Although you can do all these without opening an account, but with an account, you can get notifications as to new movies added to the site.


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Another great site where you can get free movie downloads is UR Grove. The first thing about this site is that it has a beautiful and friendly user interface so even if you are not looking for movies, once you have visited, chances are that you will return. On this site you can find Hollywood, Bollywood, and Dubbed Movies. You also get multiple download links for each file so in the case of a broken link; you can have an easy alternative.



This is another not-so-popular site for free movies download. The site has a basic design but what it does not have in design, it makes up for in functionality; there are thousands of movies on this site and the video quality of movies range from CAM to Blu-ray. Users can choose between resolution of 720p, 1080p and even 3D. The only challenge users may have on this site is the ads which open new pages with almost every click – a minor hiccup to a well accomplished goal (download HD movies online)


#4 TUBE +

When it comes to a neat, friendly layout, this site has got it covered. There are a few features which set it apart as a free movies download site (apart from the fact that it is free) and one of them is that it gives you ratings on movies on the category page which would help you get a good idea of what other people who have seen the movie think. The movies on this site are HD and they all have multiple download links. One of the coolest things about this site is that users can also submit download links in the event that they find a broken one.



This is a cool site where users can download movies for free. The database is quite packed and they offer movies in HD, CAM, and BLu-ray quality; these can be seen listed along with the movie name so you know what you are getting before it is too late (in a manner of speaking). Users on this site are offered a wide variety of Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, and Dubbed movies and these make Cool Movies one of the best movie download sites we have.



This site is considered to be new by many but it does the trick in keeping its database updated on a regular bases. The site has in store a whole load of Hollywood genres like Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance and more. When going through this site, the interface makes it easy to locate what you want as it saves you time onyour searches. It is fully HTML5 supported so this site looks great on any device be it PC, Tablet, or mobile. So if you are looking for a great site where you can get free movie downloads, then you may want to check this one out.


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This site is not known by many as a movie download site. Well, that is because it is mainly a streaming site. What many get to find out is that it can also offer free movie downloads no registration. Using a third party site like, users can download their favorite movies while it is streaming from this site. The advantage here is that you get to preview what you are downloading and proof them for things like sound, picture quality, etc.



This site is one of the foremost sites where users can download movies for free. With a simple-to-navigate layout and a comprehensive database, this free movies download site is a good place to start on your online movie search. The site is equipped with a Google search bar which is an easy way of knowing whether or not the movie you want is on the site; and the movies are grouped into categories like genres or you could list them out alphabetically. This site does well one quickly forgets that it operate out of India.



With a name like that, the site had better be ‘crawling’ with tons of movies so we thought to check it out, simply enough, they live up to their name as there are thousands of HD movies available on this site. It could debatably be the best place to download Hollywood movies for free. The site has a download optimizer which works in partnership with your download speed. The fact is that you can find yourself downloading HD movies in DVD quality in less than an hour. This is definitely a place you want to be ifyou are looking to download movies for free.


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#10 300MB MOVIES 4U

Flexibility is the keyword when going through this free movies download site. This site has multiple genres and multiple movie types. You can get Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tamil movies here fro free. Looking at the name, you may think they only have movies for 300MB, do not be deceived; HD movies are available on this site as well. The movies are listed in a category layout so it is easy to find what it is you are looking for. There is just a little hiccup of Ads on the site but that is just a small price to pay for free movies.



Apart from just getting movies, this site has movies in various languages so they are quite big on dubbed movies. The layout makes for easy navigation and the search box makes it very convenient to find your movies in seconds. Movies on this site include Hollywood, Bollywood, Dubbed, Marathi, HD Rips, BR Rips, PC and so much more.


#12 99 HD FILMS

Another great site to download movies for free is this one. It requires no sign up and the movie link are added on this site much faster than many others here mentioned. To get movies from this site, you must have a torrent downloader; this is because this site offers torrent files as against regular download links. The advantage of torrent files is that they are seldom broken and you can be guaranteed wonderful video and audio quality every time.


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This site is awesome for phones as most of the movies are in MP4 format so there is no conversion needed if your phone understands only MP4 video files. On this movie download site, you can get Hollywood, Bollywood, and Dubbed movies. There are also animated movies, WWE episodes, Documentaries, Award ceremonies, and TV Series. It is an all-round video empire and this has boosted its popularity over the years. The site also features a clean interface so navigation is quite smooth.



Another site for free movie downloads straight out of India is this one. You can get a wide variety of Hollywood and Dubbed videos on this site. It is fully responsive so it looks good on any device. You can choose movies based on optimization for example, you can get movies for PC, Tablet, or mobile devices. This choice makes it easier to manage your bandwidth because movies for mobile are of a smaller quality yet they look awesome on mobile devices, while movies for PC are HD quality.



The advantages of all these movie download sites are plenty. But for starters, they make having movies convenient, you can carry your movies with you on your portable devices like perhaps a phone or a tablet; you can see your movies in when in transit and there are many more advantages. So check them out and get your movies with ease. The fact that many of these sites are updated daily makes them places you want to visit often if you are a movie lover.