Google has made available some software tools and web applications which are free of charge for consumers. Some of these Google apps are Gmail, Google drive and Google calendar. These apps mentioned are designed to make work much easier for their users. The Google calendar app is designed in a way that helps users spend more time enjoying their schedules instead of spending more time managing those same schedules.

Google calendar app

The reviews from users concerning the Google calendar app is definitely worth looking into. Some say it’s useful and easy to use allowing events from many sources such as Gmail to automatically show up on the calendar.

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Others also say that it come full circle, displaying schedules in a very unique and user friendly way. It is also said that Google calendar is an overall good app, with its incredible versatility which can be discovered by simply exploring the options available.

There are many reasons why the Google calendar has gained so much popularity despite the availability of other calendar apps such as Fantastical 2, Cal and Jorte Calendar. Google Calendar continues to remain the preferred choice for most users for a number of its great features, features which still remain largely unutilized by some users still.

One of such reasons why it still remains the best in the eyes of users is how this free online calendar lists items on the schedule in a timeline with images and maps to provide attractive cards that gives insight into your upcoming events. This visual differentiation of each upcoming event in the calendar makes the app appealing to its users.

Another reason is how the free online calendar takes events from your gmail accounts and adds it to your calendar, one of its new features from the redesigned google calendar available for android.

Let’s talk about the Appointment Page which allows users to block out time slots on their calendars for appointments. There is also a countdown timer fixed into the Google calendar app to avoid the undue stress which comes with not knowing how much time available before the next meeting.

Again, there is this really cool feature which allows users to layer their calendars with those of their loved ones and colleagues. Doing this gives users of the Google calendar app the chance to see where free time overlaps to relief the stress that comes with planning a meeting or scheduling a shared space.

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