Google Flights : Hassle-Free Travel Planning with Google Flights : Google Flights is an online flight booking facility introduced by Google, Inc. about five years ago during the launching of Google flights on September 13, 2011.  The Google flight explorer system does not only allow you to look for specific Google flights, but it also helps you to find the best Google flight deals and travel options.  Flights Google may be accessed through any computer, tablet or mobile device.  With its brilliant features, ease of use, and accessibility, the Google Flights remains a success to date.

Google Flights
Google Flights

This celebrated Google flight online booking system is however only available to a few selected countries with Google flight around the world, such as: Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United State of America.

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Features of Google Flights:

Google Flights
Google Flights

While flights Google works similarly with its competitors, Google, Inc. has added some features to the Google flight matrix that made Google Flights a personal favorite for most frequent flyers and travelers.  Flights Google has three major features in its Google flight simulator: Flights, Explore Map and Tracked Prices.

1. The Flights feature of Google flights will allow you to customize your Google flight search and the Google flight tracker gives specific details about your Google flight that makes your travel planning easier.  You may choose from the Google flight matrix the class, stops, duration, time, airline, date and destination of your selected Google flight and specify whether it is a round trip, one way or multi-city Google flight trip.  You may also go back to the Google flight search any time to find and review your saved travel flights and Google flight reservations in the Google flight simulator.

Google Flights
Google Flights

2. The Explore Map feature of flights Google does not only give you the usual maps of places and destinations, but Google flights more specifically gives detailed facts about the history, flights, accommodations, attractions of your selected travel destination and any other information that you may find useful about your intended travel.  If you have no specific place in mind, this feature of the Google flight tracker also allows you to choose places depending on the nature or type of your trip, such as: honeymoon destinations, island destinations, nature destinations.

3. The Tracked Prices feature of Google Flights lets you know when the prices are high or low based on the flights and/or destinations you selected on Google flight search.  With this feature, Google Flights can help you make a decision and plan as to when it is the best time for you to book a flight to your chosen destinations.  Plus, you can share the Google flight you have tracked to family and friends!

Google Flights
Google Flights

Other special features of the Google flights app are the currency converter and different languages selection, which makes the said Google flight tracker very convenient to any traveler.

How Flights Google Works

Google Flights
Google Flights

Google Flights works basically just like a travel agent, only that you can access the Google flight simulator anytime and anywhere, at your convenience.  Whether or not you have a specific trip, date or destination in mind, the Google flight matrix can help you.  You need not register and log in to access the Google flight explorer.  But, of course, registering and logging in to your account will give you access to more features of the Google flight simulator, especially in managing your booked flights.  You just give the necessary information and Google flights will search the best available flight options and rates for you.

How To Use Google Flights

One of the reasons why Google Flights became a hit among online booking systems is that it is simple, basic, and very user-friendly.  To use flights Google, all you have to do is to log on to the Google flights website at, browse and click through the Google flight menu options, and enter the required information in the Google flight search.  The more information you provide, the more effective the Google flight explorer will be in helping you find the best flight option and deals.

Here is a video that can help to let you know “How To Use Google Flights”

Video Title : The very best way to book flights using Google Flights

Video Source: East Idaho News

Key Advantages of Google Flights

Google Flights
Google Flights

1. One of the benefits of using flights Google as compared to other online booking facilities is that Google flights can give you the best travel deals according to your selected Google flight travel plan.  Flight Google helps you save money by updating you on the price changes of the chosen Google flight and destinations so you will have extra pocket money for your trip.

2. Another advantage of using the Google flight tracker is that it helps you manage your trip.  Flights Google allows you to save your travel itinerary and get back to it in case there are changes to your plans.

3. Finally, Google flights is available even to busy people on the go, as the Google flights app may also be conveniently accessed through any tablet or mobile device. I personally use OnTheFly app for Google flights, it is not created by Google but it’s a good one. Here are download link.. DOWNLOAD

Helpful Tricks in Using Google Flights

Google Flights
Google Flights

If you get to be familiar with Google flights, you will later learn that there are several ways wherein you can maximize your use of the Google flight explorer.  Of course, one you should not miss about flights Google are the tricks and techniques that can help you find the best deals for your desired Google flight destination at the cheapest prices.

1. For one, Google flights get updates on travel prices on a daily basis, so you should take full advantage of this flight Google feature by getting daily alerts for your desired Google flight.  You can use the Google flights explore map to check the prices depending on the place and travel destination of your Google flight.  Choose any place on the map and click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option to let the Google flight simulator suggest a destination for you depending on your search history and frequently searched popular destinations.  A bar graph on the Google flight matrix will also alert you when prices are lowest or highest for a certain Google flight.

2. Google flight search also gives you the “best flights” that are cheapest and would get you to your destination the fastest.  The suggested Google flights are highlighted in green.

3. Another trick is for you to always refer to the Flight Google tips that pop out anytime from the Google flight matrix, which give frequent advices that help you in planning your Google flight trip.  Lastly, do not forget to save your flight Google itinerary so you can get back to it anytime you get an alert from your Google flights app for lower prices.

A Final Note About Flights Google

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, Google flights will certainly help you plan and make the most out of your trip without breaking the bank.  The only downside to this Google flight explorer is its limited coverage to a few selected countries, considering that flight Google was made available to the public for half a decade already.  But, this does not keep me from highly recommending this Google flights app, after having weighed all the features and benefits of using Google flights.  Google flights is certainly the best Google flight tracker anyone can use today.

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