Google is the King of internet going by the amazing statistics of visitors it gets every second. And the statistics keep increasing; the last time checked it recorded over 2 million searches in just 60 seconds.

Google prides itself with focusing on providing the best experience to its users; and in this light, has provided users with the best Google tricks ever. There are so many of these Google tricks that has kept users addicted to Google on some days.

Google Gravity Underwater

google gravity underwater

One of these Google tricks is the Google Gravity Underwater or simply say Google underwater or Underwater google.

The Google gravity underwater trick as its name implies, shows a beautiful background of many species of fishes floating.

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The Google underwaterexperience is especially loved if you are a fan of an aquarium or if you just love to watch nature do its work. Watching the fishes swim is not as boring as you might think. It is quite relaxing or maybe even therapeutic.

The Google gravity underwater google trick doesn’t only show you giant and different fishes floating through your screen, but also incorporates other aquarium elements like the sand, starfish and water.

Although unlike other Google tricks like the Google Guitar, with underwater google, you are not really able to toss any of these elements around, but you can provoke the wave to be small or big by clicking and moving your cursor around.

The professional and great message from the Google gravity underwater Google trick is that no matter how hard you try, the Google logo, search bar and buttons will not sink. Almost telling you Google is stronger than any wave and is here to stay. Bravo!

Also, with Google underwater, you can make a coin and cup fall from the sky; click on them and they will stay floating and if you let them go, they will fall to the bottom and disappear.

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If you are wondering why there is nothing happening to the fishes; you can click on them to make them swim slower. (That would be all).

The Underwater Google is definitely not the most fun and also not a game; but it serves its purpose of bringing you nature at its best. Experience the Google Underwater trick by clicking:

Apart from the Google underwater trick, there are tons of other Google tricks that were very successful and entertaining. They include, but not limited to:

  • Google Gravity

Google gravity was made in 2009 and like the Google underwater was very successful in catching the interest of Google users. With the Google gravity, once you type it in, you will see how the search engine will come crashing down and you can farther have fun by throwing things around by clicking them with your mouse and releasing.

  • Google Sphere

With the Google Gravity Sphere, there is a sphere involved that is created by web content that shows all these elements spin in a spherical manner in a 3D experience.

Although you won’t be able to search anything with this Google trick, yet it is fun to look at and maybe to dazzle with the kids with as well.

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  • Rainbow Google

If colors excite you and would like to see how colorful and beautiful the rainbow looks; especially as you use your favorite search engine; the Rainbow Google trick works for you.

One of my favorite is definitely the Google guitar, which is basically playing guitar as you surf the internet. You can play the tunes you know, learn more tunes from online and play. You can also record your tunes and play again.

  • Zerg Rush

The Zerg Rush Google trick makes the search results mirror image of the original.

The Zerg rush is one of the amusing tricks from google. Just type the words “Zerg rush” on your search bar and you will find the surprise pop up.

Pacman is one of the famous games everyone enjoyed at appoint in time. Google brought the memory back by allowing you to play the game again just by surfing the internet. All you have to make sure your Pacman eats all the balls and defends itself from the monsters by using your arrow keys. Fun game it is!

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  • Google Snake Game

If you also liked the Snake Game in your childhood and will like to experience that again, feel free to get the experience using Google. Quite fun!

  • Chuck Norris Google Trick

Not so much to do with the Chuck Norris Trick, but has enough to trick you into trying it again and again and again.

You keep trying just because you are amazed. Have fun!

  • Google Flat Fall

The Google Flat Fall is almost like the Google Gravity trick as all contents will fall flat to the ground with a gravitational pull. It practically falls all the way down and bounce.

  • Google Tilt

As its name implies, the Google Tilt trick displays content/ search result in a titled manner. Quite impressive how the results tilts immediately

  • Google Space

The Google space is another interesting Google trick which is the opposite of the Google gravity. Here, the content floats without any gravitational unlike with the Google Gravity that the contents go all the way down from up.

The Google Space is exactly how people behave when they are in space; even the search results also show the same.


The Google Gravity Underwater Google trick is one of the thoughtfulness of Google to make its users have some fun and relax. As most of their tricks, they are not competing in the games space; their primary aim is most probable just to give you a glimpse into what you truly enjoyed while growing up as in case of Google Pacman, Google Snake Game; help you relax (Google Underwater), help you to be creative (Google Guitar), help you smile (Google Chuck Norris), and many more.

All these Google tricks mentioned above and more can be experienced by visiting this post: Best Google Gravity Tricks 2017

Have fun!

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