In 2011; and in honor of the musician Les Paul 96th birthday, Google replaced its multicolor google logo to guitar strings that you can strum.

Google Guitar
Google Guitar : Les Paul 96th birthday Google Doodle

The new google doodle also referred to google guitar allowed users to play the guitar by plucking the strings. It also allowed them to record their melodies and play back as often as they wanted; also, allowing them to share on YouTube or any other platform they want to.

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The google guitar or google doodle was so interactive that Google had to leave it longer than it was intended for as demanded by the public; Google said. But even at that, as all Google tricks it still had to be taken off.

If you are amongst the public that was very addicted to the Google Guitar doodle, don’t panic or get angry as you can still check it out on the Google logo archive that has every portrayal of the company logo index, all the way back to their very first one to some of their most interesting ones like Google Pacman. Although, the Google doodle archive, contains largely static doodles with no interaction, but it also contains those that are very interactive; each with its own URL. The Google Guitar is one of the ones that still have an interactive URL.

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The purpose of this Google doodle is to bring back the memories of exchanging riffs with friends and wearing out cassette tapes as you tirelessly and enthusiastically learn a song. Such a precious time!

The interactive and playable Google guitar was greatly inspired by the guitar developed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee that brought about the rock and roll.

Les Paul,however, is a very talented guitarist and an innovator who pioneered the solid-body electric guitar and invented other musical instruments that paved the way for rock-and-roll thereby, giving definitions to the other musical sounds that came after.

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Les Paul as much as his guitar worked, experimented in his garage with innovative techniques like tape delay and multi tracking and keeping the tinkering spirit fun and alive.

No wonder the Google Guitar wanted to continue to keep his gorgeous talent around by letting thousands of the public fans compose a 30 second track. All they had to do was hit the black button to record, strum the strings or trigger notes with letters or numbers on your keyboards.

Most people wonder how most of the Google tricks work so well and in this case, how one of the best Google tricks even play so well. The Goggle guitar doodle was made with a combination of Javascript, HTML5 Canvas which is used by modern browsers to draw the guitar strings, CSS, FLASH for sound and tools like the Google Font API, and then the APP Engine. The Google tricks are usually performed by a team led by Ryan Germick and particularly for the Google guitar, Kristopher Hom and Joey Hurst were the engineers.

The Google guitar could play 10 notes, starting with a low G and climbing up to a high B. To play, either strum over the doodle with your mouse or use your keyboard icon to play using your keyboard.

How to play Google Guitar

First, we have to learn the notes; especially how they the notes corresponds to the numerical key, starting from the low G string.

  • 1 = G
  • 2 = A
  • 3 = B
  • 4 = C
  • 5 = D
  • 6 = E
  • 7 = F#
  • 8 = G
  • 9 = A
  • 0 = B

The picture below shows how exactly the notes above look on the Google Guitar doodle:

Google Guitar
Google Guitar : Les Paul 96th birthday Google Doodle

Next thing to learn after knowing how the notes work and how they look on the Google Guitar doodle is to learn the chords.

G Major = 1, 3, 5

C Major = 4, 6, 8

D7 Major = 4, 5, 7, 9 (only on Google guitar)

Knowing this chord, you can practice the “12 bar blues” in the low G by:



D7 D7 G G

With these, you should be able to make more songs; here is the Google Guitar website to try your new found talent/ skills …

According to the Google, in 48hours they recorded 5.1years worth of music, 40million songs and the songs were played back 870,000 times. Brilliant!

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