Google input tools are input method editors which assist you to type text in different languages. It effectively aids you to communicate in any language of your choice. It helps users to easily type in the preferred language of their choice. Formerly, Android and windows users found it extremely difficult to type in their local languages on the English/Latin keyboard.

Google input tools

The emergence of Google input tools has rendered what used to be a near impossible feat easily accomplishable now. Google input tools offers great assistance for those who want to write in their local language but are not familiar with the layout of their native language keyboard.

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It can also be installed as an extension on Google Chrome for use when browsing the web. It is installed like a keyboard and you can switch between the English/Latin Keyboard and Google Input Tools by typing Windows + Space. The Chrome extension affords the user flexibility to type in a different language and easily switches to the original language with the click of the mouse button. This online Google Input Tools extension present a virtual on-screen keyboard which offers over ninety (90) languages, direct transliteration for more than thirty (30) scripts and handwritten input for over (forty) 40 languages.

The Windows version of Google input tools can transliterate twenty-two (22) local languages as follows; Arabic, Amharic, Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Nepali, Punjabi, Serbian, Sanskrit, Oriya, Sinhala, Telugu, Tamil, Tigrinya ,Urdu and Russian. The keyboard easily and accurately adapts to your diction thereby allowing for a fluid rendition of your language.

However, since it is not a translation keyboard; the need exists for you to type a word exactly the way it sounds in your language for it to be converted to its written script.

Google Input Tools present some very useful advantages which helps increase efficiency in your work. You do not require an active internet connection to use it.  It automatically complete your words, suggests alternative words when typing in a different language and the software offers customable window to suit your tastes.

Various input method editors such as ZenKEY, X-Mouse Button Control and Q-liner Hotkeys are available online but Google Input Tools readily surpasses them all in ease of usage and accuracy.

Download Google Input tools for free and experience the ease of a reduced workload with the use of an efficient and effective language transliteration tool.

You can use Google Input tools Online as well as can download it.

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