Google location history is simply having Google track all your web movements; and this helps you get better results and recommendation when you use other Google products. It shows your local recommendation based on the places you have visited or signed into. It also allows you to see the traffic predictions of your daily commute (that is, your google map location history) including the ads you see.

Google location history
Google location history tracking: Complete Guide

Google location history tracking: Complete Guide

To use google location history tracking, you first have to turn on location history; and below is the way to turn the google location history on Android/Windows devices.

1. Go to Google Settings: (depending on your device, you can find Google settings from:

  • In your settings app; scroll down and tap Google
  • Or
  • Open a separate app called Google Settings

2. Tap Location > Google Location History for the account you want to turn it on for.

3. Turn Google location on for the device or account. For a device, just tap Location history on; this automatically works for the entire account and all devices associated with that account. For just a specific device, just tap the switch next to that device name on.

(Follow same steps to turn off Google Location History).

To turn on Google Location History for an iPhone or iPad:

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap Location History, turn the toggle to blue (on) and gray (off)

When you turn on Location History, you need to know that your device sends diagnostic information to Google about what’s working and what’s not working in relation to Location History. The information the Google Location History could share includes:

(i) The quality and length of your connections to call networks, GPS, Wi-Fi networks, Bluetooth.

(ii) The state of your location settings

(iii) The Apps you use for turning Google Location History on or off.

(iv) Shows the battery levels

(v) Reboot occurrences and crash reports

However, if you don’t want Google Location History to store your information, you can delete your entire Location History or certain parts. (You need to know that some apps may not work correctly if you delete your entire history).

To delete some parts of your Google Location History, follow the steps below for an Android/Windows device:

(Note that you can delete individual locations or locations by date)

1. Go to and sign in to your personal Google account.

2. To delete by date: choose Delete history form this day. You can select a range of days and choose Delete history form this period and it will delete the history for all the days viewed.

3. To delete by individual location: select an individual location from the google maps location history or map or list; and from the dropdown/bubble, choose delete the past location from history.

Also, you can delete the entire location history Google has by:

1. The first step to delete the entire location history google stores is to go to and sign in to your personal Google account.

2. Select Delete all history and all location history Google has stored is gone.

Another way to delete the entire Location history Google stored, and every Google maps location history is using the Google settings.

1. Go to your settings app, scroll down and tap Google or open a separate app called the Google settings (depending on your device one of these two will apply).

2. Tap Locations > Google Location History

3. Scroll down the list to tap Manage Activities which will open your Google maps location history or simply open the google map

4. At the top right corner, tap the more (3 dots) then settings and finally tap the Delete Google maps Location History.

To delete location history google stored on an iPhone and iPad:

1. Go to Location History

2. Scroll down to the bottom right of the page and tap Settings

3. Touch Delete all location history

4. Check the box beside the statement “I understand and want to delete all Location history”

5. Tap Delete Location History.

Please note that once you delete Google maps location history using the Google settings app, all of your history will be deleted and can’t be reversed.


Everyone should have the Google location history turned on as it makes it easier to use Google products and provides you with useful information based on where you have been with the devices that you are signed in to.

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