The advent of responsive web design is probably ranks among the most interesting developments in the technology industry. This is a mechanism that enables websites to adapt to different types of screens. Whether the user is using a desktop, laptop or ipad, this technology makes it possible to access the website in a seemingly similar manner. The real benefit of the free responsive templates has been the creation of mobile friendly sites.

Free Responsive Templates

How Will Free Responsive Templates Improve Your SEO?

The use of tablets and Smartphones for connectivity is currently on the rise. Each and every day, people are using these devices to search the web. Here, free responsive templates come in handy as they have a huge role to play in impacting SEO.

For individuals targeting local keywords, free responsive templates will always increase local rankings. According to YELP statistics, around 40% of the people searching use mobile devices. This means that mobile searches influence Geo-specific parameters requiring websites to meet the SEO pointers. This works perfectly by helping Google rank optimized sites as those that are suitable for placement in search engines.

Free Responsive Templates Helping Eliminate Duplicate Content

Webmasters have always found the need to duplicate content when trying to develop mobile versions of a website. This in turn reduces the mobile sit’s credibility both to the search engines and site’s visitors. However, the use of free responsive templates means that the content will only be in one site. This eliminates the challenges of updating duplicated content.

Building Links Using Free Responsive Templates

A lot of time is spent trying to build links to a site. Sometimes some resources will also be used. Imagine building these links for your desktop version, laptop version and mobile version of the website. This equates to so much time and resources and can be unachievable. With the free responsive templates, you only need to work on one of the versions as the pages can be shared.

Maintaining Onsite SEO With Free Responsive Templates

SEO is tedious and time consuming. It can also be very expensive. However, you do not need to worry. The SEO efforts you have invested in your website will never go to waste. The responsive templates enable social sharing and onsite SEO not only on the desktop versions but also on the mobile versions. All the onsite SEO will be maintained including search engine and content friendly URLS, title tags, internal links, and Meta descriptions anchor texts and keywords.