Windows 10 Safe Mode : How to boot in safe mode windows 10? Here is the complete guide.

What is safe mode?

Every windows computer has a safe mode system for log in challenges. Apart from the normal mode which has the user profiles and a normal desktop environment, the safe mode exists to help fix issues that may arise with the normal operating system of your windows computer.

Windows 10 Safe Mode
Windows 10 Safe Mode

In windows, it is the most basic of all states a computer can be in. in this state, the computer has access to only a limited number of files and drivers.

Types of safe mode

Windows has two versions of safe mode windows 10 available to its users. The first, windows 10 safe mode, Safe mode and Safe mode with networking. These two windows 10 safe mode are very similar in nature just that the latter includes network drives and services which grants users access to internet and network services available on your computer.


Every pc has a process which handles the start-up sequence of the computer and loads the operating system of the computer. This process is known as booting. A general booting system involves the following: turning on the power button, addressing of bios, running of power-on self-test and the conduction of other tests, and finally the running of primary bootloader from MBR to secondary bootloader.

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The booting sequence of every computer varies depending on the type of operating system it runs. Even with Windows, it varies from the various kinds which are available such as Windows 8 and windows 10.

There are varying issues that can arise when a computer is booting up normally, forcing a user to resort to the use of safe mode as an alternative to booting the pc. As you will observe with the differences of an operating system of different windows, the booting sequence of windows 10 safe mode varies from other types of windows.

Windows 10 safe mode

The steps involved in starting window 10 safe mode are enumerated below as a guide on how to boot in safe mode windows 10.

Method 1 To Boot In Safe Mode Windows 10

Step 1. Start from the sign-in screen now the first step to booting safe mode windows 10 begins by holding the shift key under the power options and clicking power restart.

Step 2. Click trouble shoot

Step 3. Click advanced options

Step 4. Select Startup settings and then restart. After your computer restarts, select 5 to select safe mode with networking.

Step 5. Finally, you enter your username and password in safe mode windows 10 to complete the process on how to boot in safe mode windows 10.

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Method 2 To Boot In Safe Mode Windows 10

There is another option which can be adopted to boot in safe mode windows 10 from settings.

Step 1. You press the windows logo key + I on the keyboard to open the settings option. Alternatively you can select the start button and then settings from the lower-left part of your computer screen.

Step 2. Click on Update & Security and then recovery.

Step 3. Select the restart now option from the advanced start-up.

4. After PC restart Choose an option screen and then select Troubleshoot —>> Advanced options —>> Startup Settings —>> Restart.

5. After it restarts, you select 4 of F4 to start it up in safe mode. Remember a desire to use the internet of any network requires you select safe mode with networking.