Windows 7 Safe Mode : How to boot in safe mode windows 7? Here is the complete guide.

What is windows 7?

Windows 7 is an operating system created by Microsoft for its users which was released in the year 2009. Windows 7 was praised by many users as a massive improvement on its predecessor. One of the main features that was preferred with windows 7 was that there were fewer user account control popups.

windows 7 safe mode
Windows 7 safe mode

Windows 7 safe mode

To assist with log on challenges which may arise and access basic files, the safe mode windows 7 option was created for this purpose. In this windows 7 safe mode, troubleshooting and driver problems are manageable since no extra software is loaded. The safe mode windows 7 state can usually be identified from the words safe mode usually seen in the corners of your screen.

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How to boot windows 7 safe mode at start up level

1) Begin by turning on your computer and pressing the F8 key repeatedly immediately it is turned on.

2) After navigating to the windows advanced options menu, select the safe mode key using the arrow keys on this menu. Press Enter. This will result in the computer to automatically enter the safe mode when it restarts.

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Booting in from windows 7

Booting in windows 7 safe mode using this option is a little complicated. However do not be alarmed, relax and follow these simple steps on how to boot in safe mode windows 7.

1) Type in msconfig on your start menu’s search box. When it shows on your screen, click on msconfig.

2) Some computers might prompt you for some details. Hence if you are asked for an administrator password or to provide confirmation, simply do so as it basically one of the processes involved in booting your problematic personal computer in safe mode windows 7.

3) Under this, boot the boot tab under the msconfig box.

4) The boot tab opens up a number of options, however you select the Safe boot and then minimal.

5) You select the apply button, and the ok button as well.

6) You then select the restart button once you are satisfied. You will notice that after all of this, your computer will restart in the safe mode windows 7 for your use.

Note that after trouble shooting has been completed, you can exit the safe mode windows 7 state. You do this by selecting the general tab of the system configuration window, selecting normal startup and then by clicking ok.

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