Instagram bios provide the first impression people gets about you. Bios should be carefully and considerately crafted to communicate the right kind of message to visitors on your Instagram page. Bios that catch the attention of viewers will help you to get more followers. Instagram bios can be funny, humorous, thought-inspiring and graphical but must be short and straight to the point. You can increase your following and score points by making your Instagram bios fascinating and visually appealing.

How to center instagram bio

One way to achieve a visually appealing bio is to center the bio. Most of the other social media sites come with a default look but do not provide any detailed explanations on how to change your visual settings and backgrounds.

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Instagram does not offer any tutorials on how to center Instagram bio. Users are therefore left with no other option than to search online for ‘center bio Instagram’. Running a search on the web for ‘center bio Instagram’ will yield a diverse range of results. Following the directions provided by some of these links will only end up leaving you more confused. However, this tutorial serves to provide instructions that are concise, beginner-friendly and straight to the point. You do not require any special apps for formatting; neither do you need to possess knowledge on using HTML in order to center bios for instagram.

If you are ready and eager to learn how to center Instagram bio, pick up your tablet device, smart phone or iphone and let us get started on creating the best, most visually appealing and effective bio for your Instagram page. The tips outlined here will work on whatever device you are using, be it on Android, iPhone, PC or Mac platforms. It is important to note however, that it is easier to navigate your way around center bio Instagram on a personal computer.

First, open the page containing your bio. Then click on ‘edit your bio’.

Next, you will have to create spaces before the bio for it to be centered.

Note that; you cannot enter spaces by just hitting the enter key. You have to copy and paste spaces before your bio in order for the space to be easily maintained.

Copy the spaces below, and only copy the space between the bars (|) Note: DO NOT COPY THE BARS (|)


Now go back to the page containing your bio and then paste the spaces before anything that you want to be centered.

Use short sentences to make centering appear better. Your bio will retain all the extra spaces you entered. Remember to save and check your bio several times to determine whether it looks centered.

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