How to change wifi password : Before we dive into the topic of “How to Change a Wifi Password”, we need to make sure we are all on the same page on what a Wifi is.

A Wifi is simply a technology that uses radio waves to provide network connectivity. A connection is established when a wireless adapter is used to create hotspots and every router that is connected to this network has access to internet services.

All you need to do is add devices to this network and they all can have internet access; and this is the reason where the wifi password comes in. We put a key on the network so that it is used by the intended audience and not by everyone.

How to change wifi password
How to change wifi password : Complete Guide

So, what happens our password is compromised? It means we are giving everyone access to this network which has both security and financial consequences we might not be ready to pay. And because you might have messed with your passwords since set up ages ago, you need help. Therefore, we will be highlighting the simple steps you need to take to when you need to change Wifi password.

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The steps to change wifi password are:

1. Open your router’s configuration/admin interface in your web browser.

The first step to change wifi password is to simply find out what your outer’s admin interface is and connect to it. Most of the wireless routers are administered via the web and if you don’t have access to the internet because you can’t get your password; use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to your router. (This will bypass the need for wifi password).

Once the connection is sorted on your computer, type the router’s address on your webpage. You can find the router’s information on the manufacturer’s website and router’s manual. Also, here are the list of default router IP addresses if you can’t seem to find your own address. (Just reset your router to its factory default by holding the router’s reset key down for several seconds).

  • Apple:
  • ASUS:
  • DLink: or
  • Buffalo:
  • Linksys: or
  • Netgear: or

If none of the above works, open the command prompt by pressing the windows key + R and enter cmd then once it opens, type ipconfig and press enter. Look for active connection in the list and find the default gateway address as this is typically your router’s address.

2. Enter your Admin username and password

The next step on how to change wifi password is to gain admin access. If you have never changed your default admin username and password, most cases the username is “admin” and password is “admin” or “password”. If you are not sure, just go to your router manufacturer’s website or use the Google search engine by typing “Find my default admin password” followed by your router’s brand name and model.

3. Check that you are using the latest encryption on the wireless security configuration section.

How to change wifi password steps can be simple, but to make sure you don’t keep doing this; you should change your encryption to the latest which is usually the strongest to avoid the wireless encryption from easily hackable. E.g., you shouldn’t have WEP when there is WPA2 encryption as it is much stronger and considered as very secure wireless encryption.

Once that is done, the next step to change wifi password is to first change your SSID which is your wireless network name (optional but advisable because hackers get easy access to default wireless network names). Put a non-dictionary word, it is harder for hackers. Some even do a scrabble word finder for unusual words.

4. Create a strong wireless network password

After you must have chosen a creative SSID, you will need to enter a password in the pre-shared key or preferably called wireless network.

Make sure your wireless network password is complex enough yet simple enough for you to remember. A scrabble word finder can help.

Also, remember to turn the “allow admin via wireless” off so that no one can administer routers except they are connected to the Ethernet.

And that is simply how to change wifi password.

However, see below some points you need to consider when you want to change wifi password so you don’t have to change wifi password every time because it is easily compromised or hacked. Remember it’s easy to find a complex, but unique words if you use the scrabble word finder.

(i) The longer the password, the better. Make it at least 13 digits long.

(ii) Use at least 2 special characters, 2 lowercase, 2 upper case and 2 numbers.

(iii) Make it random. Don’t use a dictionary word.

(iv) No personal information as password. Use a scrabble word finder if all the words that you know are from your personal information.

(v) Don’t use keyboard patterns


People always want to know how to change wifi password because most of the times when they set a password, they don’t follow the suggestions above. Please take your time to set a strong password this time so that you don’t have to bother on how to change your wifi password again. And there is no harm in using a scrabble word finder.

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