JPG files are commonly used for digital photographs and graphics. JPG was named after the committee that created it.  Jpg files have .jpg and .jpeg as extensions. JPG files are often the preferred choice for saving images and graphics for online use. Although other digital image file formats can be used; jpg is the first choice because they do not show significant reduction in photo image quality when the file size is reduced. However, JPG graphics and images can look blurred when the size is too significantly reduced. On account of the disparity between the file size and quality of jpg images it is advised that one converts them to portable document format (pdf) before sending.

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It is important to know how to convert jpg to pdf since pdf files can easily be transferred online without the need for special hardware, software or operating systems. New web browsers often wonder how they can convert jpg to pdf format. Their attempts to convert jpg to pdf in order to upload online often ends in failure. Many tutorials on how to convert jpg to pdf can be found online but most of them only offer vague ideas.

Method 1: Convert jpg to pdf using image viewer

convert jpg to pdf

If you are one of those who would like to know how to convert jpg to pdf; this exposition explains how to convert jpg to pdf. You will need an image viewer which can open jpg images and has a print option to learn in order convert jpg to pdf. You can use Windows Photo Viewer which is a default image viewer on the windows operating system.

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First open the image with Windows Photo Viewer and click on the print button. Next, select ‘save pdf file as’ and choose where your pdf file should be saved. Then convert your jpg file to portable document format.

Method 2: Convert jpg to pdf online

convert jpg to pdf

Websites to Convert jpg to pdf online:

Here 10+ websites that you guys can use to convert jpg to pdf online but you need internet for doing so.

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