Learning how to convert pdf to jpg was really frustrating some years ago. Today, people are conversant with how to convert pdf to jpg thanks to technological advancement. Conversion of Portable Document Format (PDF) into Joint Photographic Experts Groups (JPG), also called Image file format, can be done in quite a few ways.

Method 1: Convert pdf to jpg online

One of the principal ways to convert pdf to jpg is the online conversion. This kind of conversion is common and very convenient for those who have internet access. Regarding how to convert pdf to jpg online, there exists several services that are free and do not require the downloading of additional software. The online process is quite simple. One chooses the file, uploads it, chooses a quality conversion and downloads the converted file.

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13 Websites to Convert pdf to jpg online

Here are 13 top website that you can use to convert pdf to jpg online and it’s will take your couple of minutes.

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Method 2: Mac OS × Preview

convert pdf to jpg

In converting pdf into jpg, MacBook users may resort to using Mac OS × Preview to convert pdf to jpg. With this type, after the preview is launched, one needs to open the PDF file, click File and then select Export. Lastly, the image is saved.

Method 3: Using Photoshop or Paintshop

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Image Editing Software is another tool used to convert pdf to jpg. The conversion done with this software can be in three ways; Photoshop, Paintshop and GNU Image Manipulation Programme (GIMP). Photoshop is rather expensive as compared to Paintshop. GIMP, on the other hand, is absolutely free and of a high quality. Therefore, people opt for this software for their pdf to jpg conversions. With GIMP, you need to open the PDF file and either save or export each image as a JPG. That’s how simple it works!

Method 4: Using Google drive

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Google drive comes in handy when one wants to convert pdf to jpg. If you are a google account holder, bingo!! You need not sign up for a new account. Your PDF file is uploaded to Google Drive after which you open to view the document by clicking on it.

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