The PDF known as the portable document format was first developed by Adobe in order that documents can be shared and accessed internally on all systems.

Before deciding to convert word to pdf, it is privy to know that PDF documents cannot be easily edited.  It is prudent to know how to convert word to pdf because it has several advantages.

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Portable document format files are easily accessible on all operating systems, be it Linux, UNIX, Windows or Mac. It is becoming popular to convert word to pdf because when these files are shared their structure and properties are retained. Furthermore, due to the high level encryption, portable document format ensures that documents are protected when shared over the internet.

Method 1: Convert word to pdf online

convert word to pdf

To convert word to pdf, the user needs internet access, an MS word document and an email address. The conversion is then done by accessing the pdf online website; the user will then be asked to select the file to be converted. After selection of the file, the user will name the file in the text box that will be provided and then the user selects “enter”. The document will be sent into the email address of the user after conversion and the user may open the attachment in the mail or download for future reference.

10 Websites to Convert word to pdf online

Here are top 10 websites that you can use to Convert word to pdf online.

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Method 2: Covert word to pdf Using Microsoft 2013

convert word to pdf

In Microsoft 2013 however, to convert word to pdf is quite easy; the word document to be converted is selected and opened. The user clicks on the “file” icon in the top left corner of the screen, this gives a number of items to select from; click on “export” and  then select Create pdf/XPS document, select publish which will then covert word to pdf document.

These are fairly easy steps on how to convert word to pdf documents.

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