It brings a good feeling every time there is a new follower on our Instagram account because a greater number of followers tends to give a sense of pride and prowess as far as popularity is concerned. However, this nice feeling can be messed up by a few “unwanted” characters who may be making no difference to your account and that makes you feel like removing them from the list of your followers. However, with Instagram, especially for the new users, you may find it problematic Remove Followers from Instagram, but that is the reason we are here, we will help you know How to Delete Instagram Followers that you do not like.

How to delete followers on instagram
How to delete followers on instagram

How to delete followers on instagram

Where does the “unwanted” followers come from? Perhaps you could have used the Instagress tool to buy followers on Instagram and now you want likewise to Remove Followers on Instagram.This seems to be difficult but not until tried, there are just a few steps you need to consider for you to be able to Remove Followers on Instagram. These simple steps are explained below.

#1 Number one thing to do to Delete Instagram Followers, is to go tour profile and on the Instagram navigation bar, tap on the far right hand icon.

#2 Tap on the Followers button icon to display the list of people who are following you and identify the follower you would like to delete and tap on their profile picture to open their profile.

#3 Tap on the arrow icon visible on the top right of the follower’s profile. (This arrow could otherwise be placed in a different position of the screen depending on what the device you are using).

#4 To Delete Instagram Followers, there is a preliminary step that precedes the real thing, i.e. first blocking them. After tapping on the arrow icon, the next thing you want to do is to tap on Block User.

#5 Tap on Yes I’m Sure to make certain that you really want to block the selected user. Then you can dismiss to finish the procedure if you are satisfied.

In case you did not intend to completely block the user, you can go back to the menu and access blocked followers and unblock the user. He or she will be deleted from the followers list, but can always access you posts and even comment, but if you are no longer interested in the said party, then do not unblock them to forget them forever.

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Note* After you are done deleting the followers of your choice, you are warned to keep this in mind, that even though the blocked followers cannot search for your profile page and view your posts, the same former follower can mention you in his or her post which will it appear in your feeds. If you still find this irritating to you and want to correct it once and for all, you have no choice but to completely change your username. That is the major challenge with deleting the unwanted followers.

Moreover, removing the Instagram follower does not automatically clear the initial likes and comments they had on your profile, if you still are not interested in them, you will have to removing them manually one at a time.

Lastly, if you would like the blocked users to never see your future posts, then you have to change your private settings so that they won’t be able to see your videos and photos that you share on Instagram as Instagram makes all of your posts public by default in case you have not changed any private preferences.