Should I encrypt my phone? This is by far the most common question you will ever encounter among android users. Many are a bit confused when it comes to smartphone encryption. There are some who are curious enough to try it out (even when they don’t really need it), some who want to encrypt their android phones but are afraid to do so, and then the few who simply would not dare change anything on their beloved smartphone. It does not matter which category you fall in; first you have to understand what is encrypting a phone. Once you know this; then you can decide whether or not you need to do android encryption. The next natural thing to do is to learn how to encrypt android. Nobody wants a trial and error venture to turn into a fiasco.

Android phone encryption is quite an easy process. But it is also true that it is a perilous task because any wrong maneuvers may result in irritating bugs on your phone. Encryption is important; it secures sensitive data sent to and from your phone. However, do not dare use encryption for crime or other ulterior motives; the authorities for sure have technologies to decipher suspicious communication and they would be onto you in no time. So think about that before you decide to encrypt cell phones.

For now however, let’s talk about the basic android phone encryption. This is where an android phone is encrypted using a PIN or password; or both. You can learn how to how to encrypt android right there in the settings menu. With so many android phones out on the market now, of course the level of ease of decryption varies. Some common mainstream android phones are easily decrypted while others require a factory reset so as to be decrypted.

Here is how general android encryption is done.

1. Navigate to settings

2. Tap on Security

3. Go to Encryption

4. Select Screen lock.

5. Choose the PIN option and enter a desirable PIN. The longer the PIN the better the encryption.

android encryption

Now the smart device is ready to be decrypted. Now proceed with the following steps for android encryption.

6. Repeat the above steps up to the Encryption option.

7. Select Encrypt tablet or phone.

android encryption

8. Key in the PIN or Password that you generated in step 5 above.

android encryption

Remember, android encryption needs to be done while the USB charger is connected.

android encryption

  1. Tap “Encrypt’. Here, the PIN or Password will be required once more. File encryption android takes a bit of time, and this also varies depending on the length of the password or PIN. File encryption android can take up to even an hour.

android encryption

Your device is encrypted now. The PIN or password will be requested each time the phone is turned on. You can now consider file encryption android complete. Remember not to unplug the USB cable while in the process of encryption; you will most likely lose data in the process.