Emailing forms the bulk of everyday business life. So much critical information gets tossed about from one person to another; ranging from light operational aspects to humongous corporate proportions. There is a need to encrypt your emails however; because information in the wrong hands can lead to dire consequences. Most professionals use Outlook as their core emailing system. This is why you have to learn how to encrypt email in outlook. Learning how to encrypt email is not a difficult task as most people believe. You can encrypt outlook email so that unwanted prying eyes do not get a glimpse of your communication.

how to encrypt email in outlook

Email encryption is available in both earlier Outlook versions (e.g. Outlook 2007) and latest ones. Outlook is one of the most secure email systems available because the privacy of the message is protected when users send outlook encrypted email. Readable plain text (what you see or type in) is converted to ciphertext first before relay. After users send encrypted email, only recipients with a private key can decode it. If they don’t have a private key, all they see is scrambled text.

Conveying and reading encrypted emails is dependent on both senders and recipients sharing a digital ID. Email encryption is two-way. Doing so facilitates the addition of the other party’s certificate to their email contacts. Once the email encryption has been done, the users can proceed to send emails in the same customary way; only that the system itself encrypts the content. You too can send secure email outlook. So ensure that you are using the most secure email every time you send important messages. When you try to send an encrypted email to a user whose system cannot handle full-level encryption Outlook warns you. Then it gives you the option of de-encrypting the message for them.

NOTE: once you encrypt outlook email even the attachments are encrypted as well. Here’s how to encrypt email in outlook.

Single Message Encryption

You can opt just to use secure email outlook for a particular message. For such, you do not need to encrypt all other emails.

  1. Open the Outlook message composer.
  2. Click on “File”
  3. Navigate to “Properties”
  4. Now click “Security Settings”.
  5. Select the checkbox labeled “Encrypt message contents and attachments”.
  6. Compose, upload attachments, and then send encrypted email

Encrypting all outgoing emails

This is the best practice for high level company officials. All official communication should be sent via outlook encrypted email. By default all the emails should be encrypted. Likewise, all the recipients should possess a digital ID with which they can decode your emails. Here are the steps:

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on the tab labeled “File”.
  3. Select “Options”.
  4. Go to “Trust Center”
  5. Click “Trust Center Settings”
  6. Navigate to the “Email Security” tab right under the “Encrypted email” label.
  7. Choose the checkbox “Encrypt contents and attachments for outgoing messages”
  8. If you so wish, you can effect extra settings on specific certificates that you want to use. This is done under the tab “Settings”

IMPORTANT NOTE: 3DES happens to be the default encryption method in earlier Outlook versions so it is advisable to choose it when a majority of your recipients are using older Outlook versions.

  1. Now compose your emails and send.

You have now successfully encrypted your Outlook email. Your messages are safe from unwanted prying eyes.