Over time using instagram the feed fills up and that calls for the need to empty the photos from the app after sharing them with your followers. The photos could either be yours, your friend’s or from the public. You may need to save the photos on to your phone storage, computer or maybe even a disk drive. The process of getting the photos saved from the app onto any given storage may be found slightly complex but need some level of keenness and brilliance.

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How to save Instagram Photos

If you want to save instagram photos of your friends and yours, below are some of the steps discussed, that will show you How to save Instagram Photos and help you overcome any challenge that you have been scared of for a while now. Nonetheless, instagram has an inbuilt auto-save feature that automatically saves all the picture and video files shared, but in case you accidentally tampered with the feature and switched it off, it will be wise to switch it on again lest you will have to go the manual way in saving the photos and videos of which doesn’t do any harm.

Method 1 : To save your own photos on instagram

When you want to save your own photos on instagram, the first thing you want to do is to open the instagram app and visit your profile. To Save Instagram Photos:

Step 1: Check On the far right on your profile page and tap on the menu on the top right corner, there are three dots seen there.

Step 2: Move downward until you see the: “Save original photos”option and flip the switch to the on position in case you finds it flipped to the off position. The same procedure is applied to video files as well.

how to save instagram photos
how to save instagram photos

The subsequent photos and or videos will be saved in a folder in the gallery app.

Method 2 : Saving photos on instagram alternatively

You may have realized that the instagram app do not automatically save photos depending on the type of phone you are using. You may as well find trouble to zoom in. This fact has led to the development of an app that is helpful in that area, “InstaSave” is the name of the app.

Step 1: With your phone, you first need to download InstaSave which acts as an intermediary.

Step 2: When you have the supporting app installed, open it and sign in using your instagram login information.

Step 3: Thirdly, locate the image file you would like to save using the search magnifying lens for efficiency then check the top right hand corner for the floppy like save button and tap on it.

Step 4: The save location will appear allowing you to go through the gallery app.

how to save instagram photos
how to save instagram photos

With the two methods, you realize that your problem is solved and you are not likely to experience further difficulties in saving either your photos, your friends’ photos or photos from other people that follow you on instagram. Save photos from instagram on your phone or computer storage through the said methods above. Therefore, will not be a matter of discussion anymore debating on how to Save Instagram Photos once you have InstaSave, which is the best Instagran Photo Saver installed in your phone. Whatever the phone you might be using, you can Save Photos from Instagram using the photo saver which definitely will ease a lot of your nerves. This will also protect your photos and keep track of them when you Save Instagram Photos on your phone or any other storage. When all is said and done, at least take a moment and show someone else how to do it.