You have recently acquired your spiffy LG G3 smartphone; and currently having a feel of its nifty features. Then you want to capture a picture of whatever awesomeness that is on your screen. How do you go about it? Taking screenshots of android phones is a bit tricky because different android smartphone brands have their own distinct method of taking or capturing screenshots. Sometimes, even some android phone models in the same line or brand may have different mechanisms of capturing screenshots! If you own an LG G3, then you have to learn how to screenshot on LG g3. Learning how to screenshot on LG g3 is as easy as anything you have ever come across. However, it is good practice to familiarize yourself with the inner workings of the smart phone before learning how to screenshot on LG g3.

Screenshot LG g3 can be done in several ways. This depends on personal preference. Some users like to take the screenshots using the smartphone hardware while others would rather make use of the inherent android software/apps. Pressing buttons is simple; but when pressed in a certain way it results in the desired screen shot. To take a screenshot LG g3 using hardware, follow the steps.

NOTE: There may be a familiar feel about taking an LG phone screen shot but the difference with most other phones is that the keys are situated at the back end of the gadget.

How to screenshot on LG G3

1. Press the power button (it is in the middle) while at the same time also pressing the volume down button. The volume down key is situated right below the power button. Doing this activates the screen capture mode.

2. A graphic animation appears on the screen and then you hear a sound notifying you that the LG phone screen shot has been taken successfully.

3. The image is automatically saved in the gallery app. You will find it under the ‘screenshots’ folder but you can also access it by simply tapping on its notification.

It is best practice to hold the phone with both hands when taking a screenshot. One index finger should rest on the power button while the other one rests on the volume down key. Once ready, you press both up to the moment when the animation pops up.

To take an LG G3 screenshot by using software, you need to make use of the inbuilt smartphone app called QMemo+. Here is how to do it;

1. Navigate to Settings.

2. Tap Display.

3. Select Home Touch Buttons and then Button Combination.

4. Atop the screen, drag the icon of QMemo+ upto the Home touch buttons bar. When you open QMemo+ via the Home touch button, a screenshot will be automatically taken.

5. You can make a drawing on it or save it just as it is.

How to screenshot on LG G3
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