With the advent of smart phones, the popular adage that “variety is the spice of life” has affected technology in recent times. We have the likes of Samsung, Iphone, Blackberry, HTC, Huawei and Sony. Nevertheless, Samsung and Iphone are the most competitive brands on the market. Most people perceive the latter as the most complicated amongst the lot whilst others consider it as a device for the affluent in society.

Nine years down the line, Iphone has evolved and is definitely a force to reckon with in the technology world. Using an Iphone is really cool and very productive. Due to its prominent features, one can do virtually everything on the phone with the aid of the iOS applications. The iphone screen rotation is a key feature.

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It is rather not problematic to rotate screen iphone. The screen rotation comes to play particularly when the user wants to watch a video or play a game and hence requires a wider view. Indeed, nothing needs to be done to rotate screen iphone as by default, the phone’s screen is rotated. Some users have problems with the iphone screen rotation lock. The process involved is quite basic. However, our focus is turning off the screen rotation lock.

To begin with, the user needs to swipe from the bottom of the home screen upwards so as to view the control center. When the control center is displayed, one would see four different icons at the top. The last icon at the top right is a padlock with a rotation sign.

iphone screen rotation lock

In it’s lock state, the iphone screen rotation lock lits up. This is not the case with turning off the lock mode. For that to happen, one needs to un-tap the padlock-rotation icon. As soon as this is done, one is able to browse through the phone with ease and use applications like the Calculator conveniently.

Palpably, one cannot have their iphone screen rotation lock disabled the whole time. Sometimes the user gets irritated when the iphone screen rotation lock is turned on usually during video conferencing and reading of articles.

In other cases, the screen rotation affects the arrangement of the applications on the home screen in the sense that, when the iphone is rotated, it automatically rearranges the applications making it difficult to get around them.

In whichever angle the screen rotation finds itself whether vertically or horizontally, the iphone lock feature assists the user immensely.

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