How to unlock iPhone 6? IPhone 6 will always make it in the top list of high rated smart phones. Being able to unlock iphone 6 becomes a necessity since it is the only way you can change carrier.

There may be several ways to unlock iPhone 6 but three of them are most popular.

How to unlock iphone 6

The three top ways to unlock iPhone 6 include IMEI unlocking, software unlocking and hardware unlocking.

Several YouTube videos provide guidance on how to unlock iPhone 6.

IMEI Unlocking

The IMEI method is the best way to unlock iPhone 6, it’s the safest and the recommended way. This method will add you to the apple’s global database, you do not pay anything extra and can change to any carrier you want. The location of the iPhone service provider actually determines your service provider.

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Official iPhone unlock should be the service provider to unlock your iPhone 6 if your carrier is located outside of the UK, Canada and USA. Their service is great and second to none.

If you are located in the USA, UK or Canada, and your carrier is in this area then iphone IMEI should be your service provider. They are cheaper compared to Official iPhone unlock.

Software unlocking and Hardware unlocking

Several bloggers provide steps on how to unlock your iPhone 6 the hardware and software way but this is never safe. Phone experts say don’t even try to unlock your iPhone 6 using the software unlocking method. It may work for older versions like iPhone 3 or lower.

You can take the risk of using the hardware method to unlock iphone 6, it may work but the chances are low and the down side is  you run the risk of damaging and expensive phone.

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Going through the unlock process is the first step, you will need to complete the set up by following a few steps then you can say you know how to unlock iphone 6.

You would have to connect to a mac or pc via usb. Under devices menu select your phone, chose backup by clicking on the summary tab. If offered the option to back up you apps do so. iTunes will send a  notification if you need to. The next step is to click restore when the backup is complete. When prompted, enter your Apple ID password. When the process is complete the phone will reboot, from  here you just need to follow prompts.