Jailbreaking is simply removing of software restrictions placed by the operating system on devices running it using software exploits.

Although, some countries have approved exemptions of allowing some smartphone users to attempt jailbreak on their devices, the legal status is still unclear in most cases.

While the major advantage of jailbreaking is the unlimited access to more customization, ringtones, themes and several apps; the disadvantages which cannot be overlooked are:

  • Possibility of virus
  • Low quality/false apps
  • Spellchecker disabled
  • No/small visibility of Lag
  • Zero stability and safety
  • Jailbreak apps are pricey


vshare iOS 10 is a new firmware released by Apple during the launch of its iPhone 7 on September 7th 2016. All devices are expected to either update their current iOS version or be forced to because of the bug issue that has been fixed in this new version. Whatever option is picked; jailbreaking isn’t an option to get the vshare iOS 10 version.


Some of the features of v share are:

  1. vshare is completely free and safe to download.
  2. vshare is one of the genuine app that doesn’t require an Apple ID.
  3. With v share, you don’t have to bother about apps that crash.
  4. vshare download is compulsory as there is no jailbreak technique for having v share iOS 10 on your device.


Please note that vshare download is relatively new and although it is supported by all Apple devices, you will need a Windows PC for installing the vshare iOS version 10.

Follow the steps below to successfully have a working vshare download.

1. Open Safari on your iOS device

vshare download
vshare download

2. Input in the address bar

vshare download
vshare download

3. At the bottom of the page loading, tap the UP arrow

vshare download
vshare download

4. A comprehensive list of options will appear on the screen; select only “Add to home screen” option

vshare download
vshare download

5. Name the icon as vshare or vshare download, tap on “add” option and then shut down the safari browser.

vshare download
vshare download

6. The vshare icon will be on your main screen (as seen in the image below), tap on the icon and to launch the v share app.

vshare download
vshare download

7. DONE – your vshare app is up and running.


v share is a popular app that can be used by both Android users and iOS users to download several apps and games.

vshare download and install is very easy, but some people might face some SSL error (vshare iOS 10 not working). To handle this is equally as easy.

a) Shut down safari browser and other apps running on your devices completely

vshare download
vshare download

b) Wait for a while (1-2mins) and then try the steps above again. Your vshare iOS 10 should work now.

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