Where do we begin with this? The concept behind this topic is mind-blowing. Imagine a world where everything could share data; by everything, we mean the cars, the refrigerators, the gaming consoles, the watches…Everything.

Let it be broken down. The question is this; what is the internet of things? Simply put, that is exactly what is; the inter-connectivity of physical things; it is the concept and reality that there can be an integration of the physical world into computer based systems via information technology. Opportunities abound in the idea that devices can be remotely controlled and errors can be reduced when we embrace the internet of things and guess what; we are not far from that complete integration.

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The internet of things goes beyond Machine-to-Machine connectivity. When we say things here, we cut across to devices such as biochip transponders in animals, cars with built in sensors which can call the police automatically in the event of an accident, heart monitoring implants and so on. This is the most advanced merging of hardware, software, and data the world has ever seen.


This being said, there are some visionaries who, through their desire to turn the IoT industry to a glaring reality, have created wonderful platforms through which we can improve on the internet of things. Through these internet of things companies, innovations and great strides have been made in sharing information and communication as a whole. We will be looking at a couple of them here.


Internet Of Things Companies 2016

#1 Google

Internet Of Things Companies

But why would this company not be here on this list? Google has impressed the world with innovative products and is on its way to becoming the No 1 Information establishment in the world. Google has imbued the world with the android OS which so far is the smartest Mobile OS available and with the App store, what our phones can do is practically limitless.

Speaking of making everything able to share data, on the Google cloud platform, there are solutions which support Internet of things ranging from sensors in seemingly everyday devices like glasses which have the capability to collect and share data.

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#2 Amazon

Internet Of Things Companies

Amazon has created the Amazon Web Services platform to further implement the concept of the Internet of Things.  These services help collect data and store in the cloud where they can be accessed anywhere. Having information in the cloud makes it easier to analyze from one place and one can manage all their devices, analyze the data sent through those devices, and make more informed decisions.

AWS IoT as this services is popularly called, supports a multitude of devices and it makes it easy to use amazon web services such as Amazon Dynamo DB, Amazon Cloudwatch, Amazon Kinesis, and more.

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With good reason, Comcast is number one on this list. This American-based company is the mother company of other big names such as NBC, E!,Telemundo, CNBC, T-MOBILE and more. We don’t even want to get into how much this company is worth. Comcast, though listed as a telecoms company, is much much more.

In 2016, Comcast launched a business venture named MachineQ. This venture is targeted on the Internet of Things and will partner with other enterprises like Semtech Corporation to make it a success. Basically, what machine will do for organizations is that it will expedite the way in which they collect, and analyze data from different sources.

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#4 Intel

Internet Of Things Companies

This company is responsible for the driving force of the information age. Intel specializes in making Micro Chips which are actually what run every electronic device as we know it, with their market being strongest in the PC sector, Intel Corporation has made hundreds of millions of chips since its inception and the quality has been improving consistently.

On to the future, Intel chips now power smart cars other smart devices helping them share data with other devices, their manufacturers and users in order to optimize their usability.

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One of the surest Internet of Things Companies has to be Cisco. Cisco is a world leader in the networking industry so plainly speaking, connecting devices is what they do. It does, however, go beyond connecting ICT devices to connecting people.

As part of their campaign, they let us know that the Internet of things links objects to the internet, enabling data insights never available before. If you are talking large scale, at Cisco, there are solutions to connect factories, machines, Utilities and smart grids. On a lower scale, there are solutions to connect transportation systems such as the aviation and road transport.

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#6 Dell

Internet Of Things Companies

Michael Dell and his co-founders made a hit on this when Dell was founded in the 1980s, Dell specialized in computer hardware and as was listed consistently in the Forbes’ top 10 rich list for years running. In 2016, a merger deal with EMC corporation, a storage and software company, was finalized launching Dell into a new horizon of possibilities.

As an Internet of Things company, Dell offers infrastructure, analytics, security, and other services. There is also a department in the Dell EMC Corporation which teaches people more about the IoT and how it can be of great benefit to the world now and in the future.

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#7 General Electric (GE)

General Electric (GE) has been transforming lives for centuries ever since Thomas Edison founded the company. Although it started by lighting up people’s lives via supplying and distributing electricity, GE has become a lot more today by having products such as Aircraft Engines, Oil and Gas production equipment, medical Imaging equipment, and more.

Here with GE we learn something new in the term Industrial Internet of things which deals with the Inter connectivity of machines and big data. GE offers optimization through IoT integration with machines such as airplane engines which send data and enable the engineering team to better run diagnostics on them.

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A wonderful company, Huawei has been connecting the world by creating devices which make internet connectivity smoother every day. From modems, to portable/mobile WiFi routers, and mega smart phones, the innovations which Huawei has brought to life is beyond its time.

The CEO of Huawei is worth $450 Million and he owns just about 2% of the company. We will leave it to your imagination to decide what the company is worth. The company as about 2010 was hitting $2 Billion in profits (yes profits) and hopes to connect 100 Billion devices by 2025. This truly has to be one of the Internet of Things companies with the widest reach.

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#9 MicrosoftInternet Of Things Companies

Microsoft was launched in 1975 by two great men (Bill Gates and Allen), ever since then, they have built an empire and currently control about 90% of the world’s PC Operating system.

The empire known as Microsoft has launched products in pretty much every sector of Information Technology from software, to hardware, MP3 players, search engines, gaming consoles and web connectivity as a whole.

Microsoft Azure was announced by Microsoft in October 2008. This is a cloud platform from which a user can collect and manage data from multiple devices. It offers services such as management and conversion of daily tasks in an organization to online systems

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#10 Bosch

Internet Of Things Companies

In the world of engineering and electronics, the German company Bosch is held in high esteem. This conglomerate was founded in 1886 and is currently worth billions of dollars. It is growing by the minute.

Bosch specializes in household equipment among other types of electronics and publishes about 3900 patents each year and that is what makes it one of the biggest Internet of Things companies we have today.

In the near future, through her internet of things departments, Bosch will have household appliances like washing machines and blenders which connect to the internet and recommend regular maintenance and repairs.

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We cannot finish talking about the internet of Things without mentioning Samsung. A good question would be “What is the Internet of Things without Samsung?”

Not many people care to know how this company started but we all know that as today, Samsung has in its range of products telecommunication devices such as phones and tablets, to household devices like fridges, washing machines and gas cookers, to entertainment devices like the Smart TV which connects to the internet and operates by voice prompt and finger motions.

Samsung has many offers as it concerns the internet of things, all information on Samsung devices can be access from other connected devices through an account and can be monitored remotely.


Onto the financials, it is predicted that the Internet of Things industry will be a market worth $1.5 trillion by 2020. Whether you are an investor or just a passer-by, it is an industry that is dominating things and simply put, it is the future. We should get involved with this industry and find ways of supporting those who are starting up in this endeavor to make the world a better place.

We have all heard the phrase “we are all connected” but it is one thing to say it and another to see it being real; these companies mentioned and a lot others coming up have made it such that it is no longer just an expression to be connected.

SO imagine that you could access all your files and manage all your devices from one place. Imagine that all information about your health was regularly updated and sent to your doctor without your having to go to the hospital, imagine that you could have all the data as the performance and status of your car from a remote dashboard. Now answer the question; what is the internet of things?

The Internet of things concept is fast cropping up in every conversation as people get excited about how its success will make life easier. In simple terms, Internet of things refers to the connection of all kinds of devices with switches to the internet. Though this task seems almost impossible, there are some major firms working endlessly to turn this concept into a reality.

One of the Internet of things companies this article looks at is Bosch which launched its IoT cloud in March in a bid to become full-fledged service providers for IoT.

Google, another company working on Internet of Things bought out Nest for their smart thermostats which can be built upon to create a smart home, fulfilling the needs of IoT’s.

Another Internet of Things company, Amazon, has about five tools to use in the building of IoT applications. It is currently one of the biggest players among those working on Internet of things due to their reputation as the biggest cloud provider.