Cartoons are great. Many of us grew up with cartoons and well into adulthood, we still enjoy them. For children and adults alike, cartoons are about relieving stress, giving humour, and who can forget? Anything is possible in a cartoon.

These days however, since everything has gone online, so has the cartoon industry. Essentially, you can now watch cartoons online free. At first blush, it may not be as simple as said; there are tons of sites where cartoons are offered at premium rate so let us take a look at one site which does it for free.

KISSCARTOON.SE - Watch Cartoons Online Free – Watch Cartoons Online Free

Kisscartoon is a proprietary website whose sole aim is to bring joy to the cartoon loving community by giving us free online viewing of our favourite cartoons.This site features thousands of episodes of cartoons and anime and it guarantees hours and hours of fun to cartoon lovers who like to watch cartoons online.


Kisscartoon has a very nice design and interface and although the look is a bit different on the mobile version, both versions (PC and Mobile) are easy to understand and make us of.

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The PC version of Kisscartoon features a black background which makes all the text on the site more than readable. You can login or sign up at the right hand above the search bar. Registering on the site gives you access to extra features like posting and commenting on the forum, requesting a cartoon, and getting update on the arrival of new series.

The homepage of the PC version features a grid wit the latest updated cartoons. You can navigate through these in a slider format by clicking on the left and right arrows at the top of the grid frame. Followed by this is a list arrangement with various headings such as New Cartoon, Top Day, Top Week, Top Month, and Most popular. All these headings further classify the cartoons on Kisscartoon so the user has better chances finding exactly what they want.

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The menu bar on the PC version of this site consists of ten items listed as follows

Home – This is the homepage item, click on it to return to the home page at any time during your stay on the site

Cartoon List – This item opens up a new and dynamic page which has two sections. One of them is where all the letters of the alphabet are displayed and by clicking on a letter, it shows all the cartoons by name according to the letter chosen. The second section of this page shows a list of cartoons, and to the side it shows the latest episode available. If the show no longer airs, then instead of seeing the latest episode available, you see the word ‘completed’ beside the cartoon name.

Report Error – the admin of kisscartoon has done a good job by creating this tab. In the event that a link is broken or perhaps there is a video or audio glitch during streaming, you can report this to the admin by using this tab; of course this requires you to be registered on the site as well.

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Request Cartoon – For those who are looking for a cartoon or anime and they can’t find it on Kisscartoon, this tab can be used to send an email and request that particular cartoon or episode.

Mobile – This tab switches to the mobile version of the site.

Forum – Here in the forum, those of us who like to watch cartoons online can also contribute or ask questions to fellow cartoon lovers. Being part of the forum could mean you just want to find out something about a cartoon or about the site and you do not have the patience to wait for the admin to reply your email.

Read comic – This tab redirects to where you can read comics and manga

Watch Drama – This tab redirects to where you can watch hundreds of episodes of Japanese TV series.


The mobile version of Kisscartoon features a simpler design fitting for a mobile version. There is a white background, a search bar, and a menu button as is conventional for easy navigation.

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The home screen here is divided into three sections all aimed at categorizing the cartoons and anime into easy-to-find classes as follows

Latest Update – Here we get to see latest added episodes of cartoons and anime. The mobile version features a list layout as compared to the grid layout on the PC version.

New Cartoon – This section, also with a list layout, shows latest episodes of cartoons which are new to the market, probably those still in their debut season.

Most Popular – these are rated based on the number of times they have been watched. It features from the most watched to the least watched.


The menu on the mobile site does not contain a lot of items but what there is to take note of is the fact that there is menu item here that helps the user make the switch back to the PC version.

The mobile version requires JavaScript and cookies in order to run. And therefore does not work in mini browsers such as opera mini and UC mini.


In the spirit of watching and enjoying cartoons, Kisscartoon has gone all the way to take tat same experience we all had as children and replicated it on the internet. This site can be so very addictive and even for many adults, they need to be dragged out before they leave online cartoons alone.

On a more serious note, with a free service like this which does a lot including relieving stress, it is a very nice place to be. This site is completely legal, loads fast, and has a brilliant interface so it is a win-win to all who visit. You can even take a step further and open a free account so as to enjoy the immense additional benefits which come with a cool service like this.