In an internet age where almost everything a man may need is bought online, music is not an exception to this reality. Music is a food for the soul, hence its massive download on the internet daily. The thirst for good music has led to the setup of so many music download sites and mp3 search engines. is unarguably one of the best free music download sites in the world today. Mp3 juice commonly known as an mp3 download site was the website – but has been shutdown by the UK government over violation of the law on  intellectual property. came into operation in September 2009, but it was shutdown in September, 2014 for violating music copyright. came into being from the foremost site This music downloader free site is a very famous and fast mp3 search engine in the world. Its formal name is MP3 Juice, but music fans also call it mp3 juice music download site. This music downloader provides convenient services of free music download.

mp3 juice
mp3 juice – free music download has since its creation been providing good mp3 music downloads and it has been improving in its services. With mp3 juice search engine you can search for any music artist or song of your choice. This MP3 Music Downloader is an application for streaming and downloading mp3 music and videos. One of the best features this mp3 music download site is that it enables you search for your favourite mp3 songs and download the best quality for free, there is absolutely no charge needed to download or stream any song. mp3 juice has so many good music stored in her archives for visitors, MP3 juice music download site is free, it gets profits through sponsored adverts on the website.

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Recent Updates on

This mp3 music downloader since its creation has made so many upgrading in terms of service, lets take a look at some of the latest upgrade made on mp3 juice. They are:

#1 Bug fixes of download sources

Mp3 juice has fixed the shattered download sites it redirects her visitors for mp3 music downloads  – Yandex and 4shared. Mp3 music downloads from 4shared can be done directly from mp3 juice music download site without been redirected to 4shared site.

#2 Streaming and Download sources removed/added

Mp3 juice download site has deleted these mp3 music downloaders Goear, YourListen and 3dl from its download sources because of the following

  • They weren’t allowing for free music downloads again as they are now charging money for mp3 music downloads.
  • They mp3 music quality of these sites have reduced overtime as the lacked good music.
  • Some of these mp3 music download sites were closed down for private reasons unknown to the public.
  • Moreso, these sites were very slow in service delivery.

Features of mp3 juice

In addition to these upgrades, mp3 juice has other amazing features viz:

#1 Mp3 Cutter:

mp3 juice
mp3 juice – free music download

MP3 Cutter is a feature in mp3 juice that helps an mp3 music downloader cut off any irrelevant section of an music track they don’t like. This feature carries out this service perfectly. This means an mp3 music downloader can  easily cut off any section of the mp3 music he doesn’t want. Mp3 juice made this possible!

#2 Youtube To mp3 Converter

mp3 juice
mp3 juice – free music download

By using mp3 juice you can change YouTube videos to MP3 files. The YouTube videos is changed or converted easily into the best mp3 music files.. Usually it only takes a few minutes to convert the video. In contrast to several mp3 music download sites mp3 music downloader on mp3 juice will  be able to stream videos which are not available in their home countries on mp3 juice music download site.

How to download from mp3 juice

Mp3 juice music download can be made without hitch by these  two ways viz:

#1 Search mp3 music and download/Stream

mp3 juice
mp3 juice – free music download

Log into mp3 juice, you will see a music search space, type in the name of the mp3 music you care to download and several results will come up. Mp3 juice has its main mp3 music download sources as YouTube and Sound cloud which has so many quality free music downloads any mp3 music downloader could search for. Once you’ve seen the music you searched for, click on the download button to start free music download. Once mp3 music download is complete, you can now enjoy your music, courtesy of mp3 juice!

#2 Download mp3 from YouTube Video

From procedures outlined above, when  searching for songs, mp3 music downloaders can  search and do free download music from mp3 juice. login into and search for any YouTube video or music of your choice. Copy the URL of the video and paste it into the search box. Click on the search icon. The process of changing the youtube video to an mp3 file will commence immediately, as soon as this process is finished,  the mp3 music downloader will be able to download the mp3 music file by clicking on the download box.


Mp3 juice is an amazing mp3 music download site and search engine. The need for this music downloader cannot be over-emphasized as mp3 juice has made free music download easy and possible. This music download site has also helped immensely in converting youtube videos to mp3 music files through its upgraded program know as youtube mp3 converter. I wrote extensively on  mp3 juice upgrade news which featured great improvement in this mp3 music download site ranging from the youtube mp3 converter to the dropbox upgrade then to the mp3 music cutter, all these amazing features can be found in mp3 juice. I also explained how to download free music from this mp3 music download site in this article. More so, I explained how to make free music downloads from YouTube videos, it’s guidelines and safety measures. Although mp3 Juice has upgraded in recent times, it is originally one of the best free mp3 download sites. It offers us mp3 music download free with no charge or registration and mp3 music downloaders  can download only mp3 music from music videos through the youtube mp3 converter. Amazing mp3 music download site I must confess!