The evolution in the technology sector brought forth many technological tools and devices including android devices for communication, entertainment and research. The easiest way to a collection of your best songs in mp3  format is to get the best Mp3 music downloaders. Almost all android devices come with free mp3 music downloaders. Mp3 free music download apps for android help its users to download audio files in mp3 format. There are many free mp3 music download apps on the internet. Most of these apps are found on Google play.

Music Downloader Free
Best MP3 Music Downloader Free 2017

If you own an android phone, then you know it is one of the most functional gadgets available in the entire universe, well at least on planet earth it is. Android devices and the Operating system in general has redefined communication and entertainment at the same time. The introduction of the android play Store in (more like the upgrade from google market to playstore) was a huge milestone and it changed the way we viewed entertainment and productivity. This was done by the diversity of apps in the store.

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In this article however, we will be looking at something which would interest android users who are music lovers. Music download, or should we say mp3 download can be quite tricky on the internet as there are so many sites which redirect endlessly and so on. Luckily for us, the Google playstore and some other sites offer MP3 music download free through apps and other ways. So we are going to be examining some free music download apps for android.

Best MP3 Music Downloader Free Apps For Android 2017

#1 Google play music

mp3 music downloader free

When it comes to free music downloads for android, the king of the apps has to be Google Play Music. First of all it is free (awesome! I know). It is one of the most detailed music apps today; it may not count for most as an MP3 downloader but is because so many users have not used the app enough. The features of this mp3 downloader include live streaming, internet radio, users can also upload their local library so it is stored in the cloud an on the go anytime from their account.

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Functional as it is, it does seem that it is not the simplest app to use as many downloaders of the app struggle with accessing their offline music, navigation, and some other things. Perhaps that is why it’s playstore rating it at just 3.9. Google play music is among the free mp3 music downloaders for android. This app comes with all android devices and it has been rated the best. You can download free licensed music as well as upload many tracks using this free music download app. It has a database of over 35millions tracks. Due to it’s great features FeedsYouNeed has given Google play music first position in our Top 10 Best Android Music Players List

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#2 Advanced Download Manager

mp3 music downloader free

Speaking of playstore rating, this app comes in at a whopping 4.5; the word for that is ‘undisputed’. This is not just a music downloader free app, it is an all-round downloader which is also as good for free music downloads as it is with other kinds of downloads. This app is capable of queuing up downloads and breaking files down in order to download them faster. A user can download files larger than 2GB and do much more. This app is free on the playstore and it is a must have music downloader free of ads for anyone looking for free music downloads for android.

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#3 4shared

mp3 music downloader free

For years, 4shared has been a consistent name in the minds of those looking to download free music. Even those who do not know much about music download know the name 4shared. The 4shared platform offers upload and download service to millions all over the world. The android app can also be used for downloads seeing as there are loads of files stored on its dedicated servers. It is a fast and convenient way of getting access to files of all sorts and that is what makes it a trustworthy free music downloader. The reviews on this MP3 downloader are awesome and quite insightful as to what it can do. Many users would even argue that due to the fact the best music downloader free on the app store.

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#4 Simple mp3 downloader

mp3 music downloader free

Like the name implies, this is a simple app for MP3 music download. This MP3 downloader requires a user to simple type in the name of the song they are searching for or the name of the artist. What happens is that the app does a search and once the song shows up, a simple tap is all that is needed before the song downloads. There are options as to whether the user would prefer to download free music straight to the phone or stream the music online.

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The creators of this MP3 downloader took into consideration the hassle that other free music apps have and worked around it. The result was a cool and possibly the simplest yet very functional free music apps today.

Get Simple mp3 downloader Here

#5 RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

mp3 music downloader free

Okay, the name on this one is not so easy to grasp but let’s read on and see why it is worthy of being on our MP3 downloader list. Rock my Run is an app which was carefully crafted to aid workouts. This app has become so cool but why wouldn’t it be? It was worked on by top DJ’s and producers like David Guetta. The app features playlists which respond to body vibrations making for a more rewarding workout session and lest we forget to mention, it is free. And those in the fitness industry say it is the best music downloader app in the market

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#6 Free Mp3 Downloads

mp3 music downloader free

Another way to download free music is this through the app here mentioned. Although the app ratings are not so high on this one (2.8), it is a wonderful source for MP3 downloads. Free Mp3 Downloads search and download options and it takes copyrighting very seriously so it is also legal. Users however complain that its database is not as extensive as it should be but that is no reason not to give it a try. As usual, when a song is gotten from the app, straight to the SD card it goes for later listening.

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#7 Music maniac pro

mp3 music downloader free

Though this is not an app on the Google playstore, it is still a classic MP3 downloader. The app is easy to use and is a good way to get MP3 music download free and on the go. When music is downloaded, it goes to the “download” folder of the device and can be accessed easily which then can be used to create playlists etc. Among others mp3 music downloaders for android, Music maniac is another great pick available on android market for free. You can use this android app as a search engine to download millions of mp3 music from the web. It is patronized for its speed.

Get Music maniac pro Here

#8 Music Download Paradise for Android

mp3 music downloader free

SO it is a music downloader and at this point we would like to know what makes it different from others. Music Download Paradise has a very simple interface that consists of search function and library where you can store the music you download.

It is extremely easy to navigate. It comes with a bit of ads still; this makes it such that a user must be used to it but apart from the little intrusion from ads, it is a still a good example of free music download apps for android.

Get Music Download Paradise Here

#9 GTunes Music Downloader Free

mp3 music downloader free

As we all know, technology keeps getting better, and we see it in small things like MP3 downloaders. That in our opinion, this app is an all-encompassing fit for those who want this music downloader free of charge. This app allows you to listen to a song in preview mode before you can choose to get it downloaded to your android phone or tablet

Get GTunes Music Downloader Free Here

#10 MP3 Music Download

mp3 music downloader free

This name is kind of generic don’t you think? So at first blush, one may not want to invest their data downloading this. But don’t let the name fool you. This free music download app is packed with innovative features which would appeal to anyone who is into free music download. The app supports Chart, which recommends the hottest songs on the basis of different classification. The Subscription function allows the user to get the latest information of this app. This app claims that their search engine capabilities is as good as Google’s. Any songs found in Google can be searched in this app.

Get MP3 Music Download Here

#11 Wynk Music

mp3 music downloader free

Over 300,000 users can’t be wrong when the app is rated at 4.1 in the android playstore. This one has a rather peculiar name; nonetheless it is a music downloader that you would not regret investing your data in.WynkMusic, has in its categories so many music genres and because it is Indian based, one may find a lot of Indian content on the app. That being said, it still has a nice selection of international/western music. You should have your download’s worth.

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#12 SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

mp3 music downloader free

If you are looking for free MP3 downloads, then this may be the app for you. This app supports user accounts and lets those users use a simple criteria to get the songs they require. As with other music downloader apps, users can search by artist name, song name and so on. Audio files downloaded can be played straight from the media player of the device.

Get SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader Here

#13 Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

mp3 music downloader free

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft is an app which support online and offline features. All a user needs is a good Internet connection. The Creative Commons License is a protective license over music and other form of art and this app will only let you listen to songs listed as such; that’s a nice touch. The app has a very effective search features which uses the song name, album, or artist as criteria. Along with listening to music directly through the app, Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft also lets you download straight to your device. This way, and you can be jamming in no time.

Get CopyLeft Music Downloader

#14 Omega mp3 Download

mp3 music downloader free

This app is so easy to use. It is a music downloader which takes care of all music needs from searching, listening online, and downloading to device. It supports multiple networks including 4G and Wi-Fiand fit comes with all basic music downloader traits like sorting, preview before downloads and more.

Get Omega mp3 Download

#15 Tubemate Music Downloader

To read complete TubeMate features & to download TubeMate APK, click on the below link.



So as you the see, there is really no limit when it comes to free music downloads. There are loads of free options which serve the purpose of getting free music on your android devices. So take a look and surely you would find something to meet your requirement – whatever it is.

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