Music Maniac Pro is a music downloader app for Android devices that allows users to download music in a click. A single click.

Music maniac pro like most of the other android applications is built with a search option to find MP3 songs to stream directly online, download to listen to offline and also get the ringtone of that particular music file.

Music Maniac Pro
Download Music Maniac Pro APK Free

Music maniac pro can be said to be a totally free MP3 music download app/search engine. It allows you to find any type of song and download to your Android device directly.

The music maniac pro MP3 music download app is very easy to use. If you have been struggling with downloading a particular song with any other MP3 music downloader; you need to grab the music maniac pro app as the ultimate solution to help you get the songs from the web instantly.

An Overview of the Music Maniac Pro Music Downloader

Music Maniac Pro
Download Music Maniac Pro APK Free

The Music maniac pro mp3 music download app comes mainly with two search options which allows you to search with either the mp3 title/artist search and/or the artists top songs.

Using the Artists top songs search option gives you the list of songs of the most popular or most downloaded songs of the particular artist; while the mp3 title/artist search option is useful when you want to download a particular mp3 file or artist songs.

Also, there are three major dropdown/menus and they include; the downloads menu, clear download list menu and view download location menu. When you click on the Download menu or option; it shows you the list or history of songs that has been downloaded; and this history includes the songs downloaded in the past and the ones you are downloading presently.

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The Clear download list menu option allows you to delete or erase all music download history manually; while the View download location menu option directs you to where your songs are being saved and/or the path to the song location.

How to download the Music Maniac Pro MP3 Music Download App

Please note that you have to enable or allow unknown sources on your Android device and to enable or allow this option; you need to check your device administration option under the general setting of the device.

That is, go to your device’s “settings”, click on the “device administration” option and then check the box next to “allow unknown sources” option if it is not already enabled.

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The Music Maniac Pro music downloader is quite easy to download as all that is needed is for a user to download the apk file (in the link below) by clicking it, click the install option when it pops and then, open it.

The apk link to download the Music Maniac Pro mp3 music download app is: DOWNLOAD

The Music Maniac Pro is an absolutely free music download app which also allows users interested in purchasing songs to do so within the app with its in-app purchase feature.

How to Download free songs using the Music Maniac Pro music downloader

Having followed the steps and link provided for installing the Music maniac pro mp3 music download app as explained above on your Android device, click open and select which of the search option from the two search options (Mp3 Title/ Artist search or Artists top songs) as also explained above.

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However, by popular vote, the MP3 Title/ Artist search is the most preferred search option.

Music Maniac Pro
Download Music Maniac Pro APK Free

After choosing the preferred search option (hopefully you chose the mp3 Title / Artist Search option), type the name of the Artist or mp3 song you want to stream or download (as seen in the picture below) and tap the search on the top right corner.

Music Maniac Pro
Download Music Maniac Pro APK Free

After tapping the search button for your request, you will see your search results, then, you can go ahead and select which song you will like to download or stream. However, sometimes the results tab will not bring out the search results and will say “no more results found”; and so,it will require that you click on the external results tab for the list of songs.(See pictures below for better understanding.)

Music Maniac Pro
Download Music Maniac Pro APK Free

Once your list is out, go ahead and click the song to listen to or to download or to get as a ringtone. The three options are made available to you once you click on that particular song. (See picture below).

Music Maniac Pro
Download Music Maniac Pro APK Free

Finally, as explained under the overview, you can check the downloading status, where the song downloaded is saved to and/or the location path of the song all with the Music maniac pro downloading app.

Music Maniac Pro Alternatives

Other MP3 music downloading app like the Music Maniac Pro music downloader are:

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Although there are many mp3 music downloader apps, the Music Maniac Pro mp3 music downloader is one of the easiest and most used app anyone can have on an Android device. The Music Maniac Pro app automatically helps you find every free available mp3 song out there and can also allow you to purchase certain songs, even though the app is traditionally used and meant for streaming or downloading songs that are tagged free.

Feel free to download the Music Maniac Pro app and/or check the other listed app and decide which you would keep or uninstall. You will most likely be keeping the Music Maniac Pro app.