The Plato quote says “Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”.

How we experience this magic repeatedly in every form and language has widely been abetted by the existence of music downloaders. More importantly, a music downloader free of charge.

music paradise pro
music paradise pro

Nothing brings satisfaction to the heart and ears more than knowing you can have a free music download app that helps to find royalty free music, ringtone, sound effects, short clips; and at the same time can download and play all songs through the same app.

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Is there any app like that you asked? Yes, the Music Paradise Pro is that music downloader I just described.

Although, we can mention a few other music downloaders, but music paradise pro is the most advanced sound search engine on android for free music download.


Some of the key features for music paradise pro are:

1. It helps in search, listen, download and create common license music free of charge.

2. The music downloader allows users to edit songs and cut them to use as ringtones.

3. It allows users to preview songs before downloading, choose the music he likes best and use the inbuilt exceptional music player in the paradise pro music download app.

4. It has an option for the mp3 files; enabling the user to download or save mp3 files to the phone and can listen to at any time of the day. These mp3 files can also be set as ringtones.

5. The free music download app allows you to view lyrics.

6. Music paradise pro keeps track records; making it impossible to have multiple downloads of the same song. It automatically refreshes your library.

7. The paradise pro music download app gives the user access to friendly and intuitive mp3 search engine. It allows you to search and mp3 files in the public search engines on the website.


The music paradise pro downloader is the best free music download app there is for androids.

The music downloader may not have every song of every artist; but it has the most songs of most artist that people like listening to. It’s important to state that most of these artists who have songs on their websites, have enough and for free of charge.

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Unlike many other free music downloader, music paradise pro will not let you down as it is not only easy to use, but also convenient to choose from the list of topics that will in turn generate for you, the list of songs you might be interested in.

Although, there are ads on the app; it can be overlooked as the app is a faster music downloader, easy to use and the songs on the app are of high-quality playback with sampling option that allows you to playback to ensure songs are working so there is no need to delete afterwards.


Music paradise pro can be easily downloaded by downloading the APK file to your android mobile phone.

One thing you should bear in mind is that you will need to have a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi network. This free music download app doesn’t support a 2G network.


The music paradise downloader is not available in the google play store, you must download the APK file and install it.

The steps are:

1. Here are the trusted APK file for music paradise pro. LINK 1Link 2

2. Download the APK file in your mobile storage.

3. After download, click on the APK file on your phone storage.

4. Click on the install button on the notice pop up after clicking on the APK file for the installation process to begin.

5. Wait for a while till the app is fully installed on your phone. A notification will be sent to your phone once it is done.

6. Launch the app and enjoy your free music downloader.


Even though paradise pro music download app is regarded as the best free music downloads for Android, there are some other alternatives as well.

They are:

#1 Music Maniac

music paradise pro alternative
music paradise pro alternative

This is another highly rated music downloader free of charge which allows millions of music and mp3 from public search engines.

#2 Google Play Music

music paradise pro alternative
music paradise pro alternative

Google play music downloader is a free music download app and a major player in the mobile music industry. It not only has a huge catalog of over 35million songs, but also allows you to upload over 500songs and listen offline.

#3 Free Mp3 Downloads

music paradise pro alternative
music paradise pro alternative

This is a very simple music downloader that allows free music download of mp3 songs that are termed ‘free to use’.

#4 GTunes music

music paradise pro alternative
music paradise pro alternative

GTunes music is a free music downloader that allows you to download and play millions of Mp3 songs that are free and legal on public domains.

#5 Advanced Download Manager

music paradise pro alternative
music paradise pro alternative

This is a music downloader free of charge that allows you to download and organize files simultaneously on your phone without any limit in speed.

#6 Simple MP3 Downloader

music paradise pro alternative
music paradise pro alternative

Simple MP3 Downloader is also a great app when it comes to download the songs. Click Here to see the full review that we have written about Simple MP3 Downloader.


Before you decide on which a free music downloader to download, you should carefully make sure you have an app that has an easy and user friendly interface, an app that has a stylish and simple interface, has high quality sounding player, equalizer addition, supports different devices and tracks down music and allows you to sort it out your own way. Music paradise pro does all the above and more.